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4 Vegan Sides Capable Of Transforming Any Indian Takeaway

4 vegan sides capable of transforming any Indian takeaway

There is no doubt that at the heart of any great Indian takeaway order is the choice of curries. They are the flavours and spices that enrich our lives for that short period of time before it's all devoured. However, variety is the real spice of life and what's great about Indian cuisine is that there is a huge selection of side dishes and vegetarian delights capable of adding an extra exciting dimension to any Indian takeaway.

Side dishes don't discriminate either, so if you're a proud vegan you too can enjoy extra layers of flavour at home with your Indian takeaway delivery. Let's take a look at four of the best vegan-friendly sides you can get your hands on from Dubai's leading Indian restaurants.

1. Dal Shorba, 25 Degrees North

25 Degrees North is undoubtedly one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Dubai's Downtown area. It serves an excellent range of vegetarian curries and authentic dishes with fresh fish and meat, but it also specialises superbly in shorba, which is an Indian version of soup. Their Dal Shorba is wholesome, delicious and full of flavour. It is lentil-based, tempered with the addition of cumin, turmeric powder and garlic for a bowl of goodness that really packs a punch. Just don't expect any kisses after wolfing this dish down!

2. Beetroot Shammi, Patiala

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Patiala is a genuine high-end Indian establishment headed up by celebrity chef Kunal Kapur. If you're looking to experience the most authentic Indian side dishes, you can do much worse than order from here. If you enjoy bite-sized morsels to share with friends or family, we recommend the Beetroot Shammi, which is patties combined with garam masala and cumin and fried on a griddle pan for maximum texture and flavour – perfect for dipping!

3. Achari Khum, Mint Leaf

If you're in close proximity to Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, you can treat yourself to an Indian feast delivered to your door from Mint Leaf. Specialising in North Indian cuisine, these guys use only the freshest ingredients for all of their side dishes and main courses. If you're looking for a hot side dish to complement a curry, the Achari Khum really is bursting with flavour. These fresh chopped mushrooms are marinated in a pickled masala and then sweated down in a tandoor to ensure that they melt in the mouth.

4. Vegetable Seekh Kebab, Chawlas 2

Chawla's is an increasingly popular Indian restaurant name across Dubai and around the world, putting a clever but authentic spin on Punjabi cuisine. Specialising in rich flavours and aromatic spices, these guys work their magic to provide the very best vegan side dishes as well as meat and fish courses. Try their Vegetable Seekh Kebabs, which featured minced vegetables perfectly seasoned with herbs and spices and cooked long and slow in a clay oven. The end result is magnificent and these kebabs are great either on their own as a starter or with some dips and chutneys.

Find these and more vegan delights, check out the full list of participating restaurants available to order from on Deliveroo here.

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