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Everything You Need to Know About Mushrooms in 5 Facts

Five mushroom facts which will make you a fun-gi to know

Okay, apologies for the terrible pun - there's not mush-room for silly jokes here, so we'll spore you the embarrassment (last one, promise!). But on a more serious note, mushrooms are a pretty cool ingredient, used in so many different cuisines. As a plant, some dangerous and some delicious - there is so much to learn about them. And, on that note, let's dive right in and look at these five fun mushroom facts you may not have known.

1. More potassium than a banana

We've always been led to believe that bananas are the most potassium-rich food out there, however the Portobello mushroom actually far exceeds the banana in potassium levels! Dubai has plenty of delicious dishes for you to boost your potassium intake, including the Portobello mushroom dish, Truffle Scramble, served over at Nourish. Eggs are scrambled with truffle oil and served on a toasted English muffin alongside roasted Portobello mushrooms and wilted spinach. Now that's what we call a balanced diet!

2. They can produce Vitamin D

That's right, mushrooms are the only vegetarian-friendly food that has the ability to produce Vitamin D. Just like humans, when mushrooms are out in the sun they will begin to produce Vitamin D - unlike any other plant-based food! The tasty Mushroom Toast from Café Bateel is made with mixed mushrooms, jirjir, two poached eggs and a garden salad. Check it out because - who knows! - you may even be able to taste the sunshine in it.

3. The plant of immortality

Way back when the Ancient Egyptians prospered, they had many strange and wonderful beliefs, including the belief that mushrooms held the secret to eternal life. While they may not make you live forever, they are endlessly tasty in a burger, so be sure to try out the Mushroom Meltdown by the guys at Burger Fuel. This dish is made with smashed beef, Swiss cheese, mushrooms and topped with delicious Tuscan seasoning, relish, salad and aioli. We'd take a bite out of that over eternal life any day!

4. Mushrooms are a source of lean protein

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Finding a decent source of protein as a vegetarian or vegan can sometimes seem difficult, however mushrooms are here to save the day, as they are an excellent source of lean protein. They contain zero fats, carbohydrates or cholesterol so you can rest assured that you're only getting the good stuff. That means eating a mushroom pizza is guilt-free (right?), so try out the Superbiotic Pizza from NKD Pizza - it's packed with tasty veggies including artichoke, spinach, mushrooms, onion, garlic and cilantro. Who said veggies can't be good for you and utterly delicious at the same time?

5. Some can be seen from the sky

Surprisingly, some of the oldest surviving mushroom colonies surround the famous Stonehenge landmark in Wiltshire, England, and their rings are so big they can be seen clearly from the sky! It's not everyday you get to see pre-neolithic architecture and a large colony of mushrooms at the same time, so if you're ever in the area be sure to keep an eye out! There are a lot of great health benefits to eating mushrooms and they're super tasty too, so bear these facts in mind the next time you feel your stomach growl.

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