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5 Reasons for Ordering Dinner in Dubai – If You Really Need One!

Want to order dinner in, but need a reason why? We’ve got five!

With so many different cuisines and dining options in our city, there's always something great on the menu for dinner in Dubai. And while eating out in restaurants is nice, sometimes you can't beat ordering dinner in. If you feel guilty about not doing the cooking yourself, don't! Take a look at the great reasons we've come up with to justify hitting that order button.

1.It's a treat for the kids

No matter how good a cook you are, there's always the potential for your kids to decide they don't like what you serve for dinner. Sometimes it's nice to choose something that you know everyone will love, like burgers or pizza. The Big Smoke Burger works well for big families or, if you've got little ones, the Little Smoke Burger is a kids' portion that comes in beef or chicken. Mum and Dad, meanwhile, could pick a Signature burger for their sophisticated grown-up tastes, like the Blue Burger with gorgonzola. All burgers come with hand-cut fries, so we highly doubt there'll be any complaints!

2.It's the weekend

Who wants to cook on a Saturday night? No one, that's who! And if you're thinking you'd rather settle down in front of Netflix for the night, why not order in some fun food like tacos? At the Taqado Mexican Kitchen, you get to build your own tacos with Crispy Tacos. With grilled chicken, grass-fed steak, pulled beef, chilli, Achiote chicken or grilled spicy mushrooms as filling choices for your three tacos, there's something for everyone.

3.The cupboard is bare

You've come home from a busy day at work and realised that you have no food in the house. Take the easy option and order dinner in. You could choose a classic dish with a healthy twist, like Nourish Restaurant's Slow Carb Beef Lasagna. It's a lasagna made with stuffed and roasted sweet potatoes, beef, mozzarella, spinach and ricotta. As it comes with a salad, that's dinner all done!

4.You want to eat a dish you can't cook

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Korean food is definitely trending right now, but can you cook it for yourself? Unlikely, so let the experts do it for you. Bibimbab is the Korean version of fried rice and bulgogi is the Korean way of grilling meat. Try the two together in one dish when you order Beef Bulgogi Bibimbab from Kpop Chicken. The mix of spices, great ingredients and expert cooking makes for a taste sensation!

5.You suddenly feel like having dessert

Ok, so you've had dinner but a little while later you get the urge for something sweet. Order a treat like a plate of exquisite Profiteroles from Via Veneto. These are no ordinary profiteroles - they're filled with strawberry cream and smothered in a divine chocolate sauce. The perfect way to end your evening, perhaps?

Do we really need an excuse or reason to order in? Whenever you want to eat something special without having to cook, let Deliveroo do the legwork!

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