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  2. 5 tasty Greek lunches guaranteed to satisfy your midday appetite
5 tasty Greek lunches to satisfy your midday appetite

5 tasty Greek lunches guaranteed to satisfy your midday appetite

Busy morning in the office? Or perhaps you're planning on hosting a weekend lunchtime soiree with friends? Regardless, Dubai is home to some fantastic Greek takeaway outlets which serve up authentic light bites that are full of flavour and don't leave you feeling stuffed for the rest of the afternoon.

If you fancy a taste of the Greek Islands in the City of Gold, check out five of our favourite lunchtime dishes that pack the magical flavour of the Aegean Sea below.

1. Jumbo Prawns Saganaki, Eat Greek

There's nothing better for a taste of the Mediterranean than to sample some fresh and juicy jumbo prawns. Saganaki is one of those unforgettable Greek light dishes and Dubai Mall's Eat Greek outlet has paired jumbo prawns with authentic fried cheese and crumbly fresh feta - as well as macaroni on top. Grab yourself a fresh baguette to soak up all the wonderful juices of the prawns and the rich tomato sauce – simply divine!

2. Garden Style Doner, Doner and Gyros

Greek cuisine is famed for its grilled and rotisserie meats, but if you're looking to order a doner that's a little lighter on its meat content and complemented wonderfully by fresh grilled vegetables, make sure you check out Doner and Gyros. Their Garden Style Doner features eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and mixed bell peppers on top of a smaller serving of their succulent beef or chicken doner meat and a custom blend of scrumptious sauces.

3. Gemista, Mythos 

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Looking for a meat-free Greek lunch? Get a load of Mythos' succulent Gemista – baked and stuffed tomatoes and capsicums stuffed with fragrant rice to boot. These are baked long and slow to maximise flavour and served with crumbly feta cheese and perfectly crispy roast potatoes cooked in olive oil. You can sometimes find Gemista available with stuffed meats such as veal or beef but, in our opinion, for an authentic Greek light lunch you can't go wrong with the vegetarian version!

4. Traditional Greek Salad, Grecian Grill Restaurant

Vegetarians can get in on the act by ordering from Grecian Grill Restaurant and enjoying their Traditional Greek Salad. The perfect lunchtime refreshment on a hot day in the Dubai sunshine, these juicy, cooling vegetables – including tomatoes, cucumber, onion, capsicums and capers – are marinated in extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean herbs for a wonderfully balanced dish.

5. Bifteki, GRK Fresh Greek

Greek-style burgers have to be tasted to be believed. Imagine a wonderful Mediterranean-influenced burger, complete with oregano, mint and onions, stuffed with crumbly feta cheese in the middle. Bifteki is seriously delicious, so much so that you don't necessarily need the carbs of a burger bun to enjoy this meaty treat to its full potential. The herb pesto and cooling Greek yoghurt this restaurant serves the bifteki with finishes things off more than adequately. You can then choose a side of GRK Fresh Greek's homemade fries, brown rice or vibrant Aegean slaw.

All these fresh Greek delights and more dishes from all four corners of the world are available to order today on Deliveroo.

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