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6 Unique Foods To Add To Your Bucketlist

6 Unique Foods To Add To Your Bucketlist

Feeling adventurous?  You're going to want to check these insane dishes off your foodie bucketlist...

#1 - Sushi Rice Burger


You haven't lived till you've tried a sushi rice burger with melted cheese!

Chicken Curry Rice Burger | Mizu

#2 - Stuffed Octopus Balls


Feeling adventurous?  Try crispy balls of octopus pancake with takoyaki sauce, QP mayonnaise & bonito flakes.

Takoyaki | Kanpai

#3 - Frog Legs


Pan fried frogs legs in garlic butter and parsley are popular delicacies in French cuisines.  We're willing to bet you haven't tried them... yet.

Les Cuisses De Grenouille En Persillade | Tolosa

#4 - Mexican Octopus Obsession


Spicy tomato sauce, served cold with a fresh mix of shrimp and octopus.  #DROOL

Vuelve a La Vida | La Taqueria

#5- Sushi Burrito


Sushi + Burrito = BLISS!

Salmon, vegetable, tuna or chicken?

Sushi Burrito | Sushi Counter

#6 - Swordfish


Brave enough to eat grilled swordfish with salsa verde?  Other than being super delicious, it helps meet nutrient needs while staying within calorie limits to promote healthy body weight.

Espadon à la Plancha | Tolosa

#7 - Emirati Yact Cheese


Lived in Dubai for a while but never tried local, creamy yact cheese?  Catch up for lost time by indulging in some yact with walnuts, dates, pomegranate, aseeda and local parsley on balalit crisp.

Local Produced Yact | Seven Sands

Enjoy your wonderfully weird meals!

Tag us on social media or comment below to let us know how you're getting along with your foodie bucketlist ;)

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