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4 fast foods you’ll want to watch the World Cup 2018 with

Dishes to make you cheer louder when watching the World Cup

Four long years of waiting are nearly up and the World Cup 2018 is just around the corner. It's a time of high emotions and football frenzy that will work up your appetite and Deliveroo is on hand to help you get your foodie fix. Whether you're watching solo or having your nearest and dearest over for a party, we've put together the best takeaway dishes to keep your energy up during the World Cup.  

1. Wingstop – 24 Wing Pack

The 24 Wing Pack from Wingstop is an absolute must-have when watching the World Cup. Whether you fancy a delightfully sticky-sweet BBQ sauce or want to spice up the sensation, the Wing Pack has you covered. The chicken wings are tossed in three flavours of your choice and accompanied by a choice of season fries, rice or - for a healthy (or, at least, healthier!) option - veggie sticks. It's great for sharing with a few friends or even to set yourself as a mini-challenge. After all, the World Cup is all about competition.

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2. Chalco's Mexican – Build Your Own Burrito Bowl

There's an array of Mexican takeaways in Dubai, but Chalco's Mexican Grill is the hot-spot for truly authentic Mexican food. The Build Your Own Burrito Bowl allows you to put your own personal twist on a classic and also accommodate the fussiest of eaters. Your meal can be as healthy or unhealthy as you like. So get creative! With the mixture of sauces, salad and meats available, this dish will make it a truly memorable World Cup experience.

3. Pizza Station – Chicken BBQ Pizza

We envisage pizza being the go-to staple of the World Cup 2018 and for good reason. It's easy to eat with just one hand, while you wave the other manically at the screen: it's the football fan's dream. At Pizza Station we highly recommend the Chicken BBQ Pizza from the set menu options. Pieces of BBQ-marinated chicken, cheese, red onion, mozzarella and tomato sauce are baked on a deep-pan pizza crust to create an amazing combination of flavours that guarantees the feel-good satisfaction of a full stomach, even in the unlikely event that your team is losing.

4. The Slider Corner – The Fiery Chicken Mini Burger

Burgers consistently rank as one of the most popular dishes around the world, but this Fiery Chicken Slider offers something special. It delivers a spicy kick to rival the excitement in the game and adds a great tasty addition to your World Cup feast. The Slider Corner's top-secret spicy sauce perfectly complements the chicken, jalapenos and cheese that are contained in a soft potato bun. These scrumptious sliders are snack-sized and the extensive choice available at The Slider Corner welcomes a mix-and-match approach - no difficult choice of which burger to get means you can focus your energies on the football.

The right dishes will keep your spirit levels high and energy levels higher during the World Cup 2018. Head to Deliveroo and choose what you want to be delivered straight to your door.

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