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Dubai’s American Sides You’ll Want To Make Room For

Dubai’s American sides you’ll want to make room for

Americans know how to make a meal count, and it's often the sides that you can order to accompany a meal that raises it to those higher levels of ecstatic eating. Whoever had a burger without at least some fries or some onion rings?

We're fortunate to have some of the biggest names in American dining here in Dubai - almost every neighbourhood now has its own Johnny Rockets - handy for those burger and milkshake cravings whenever they strike!

But don't be afraid to experiment and venture to smaller American establishments. To demonstrate what's out there, we've put together our favourite American side dishes that you can find in Dubai.

1. Motobites at Burger Fuel

At Burger Fuel, you won't find any ordinary burgers; only gourmet ones, whether you select a beef, chicken or veggie one. Look out for the monthly specials, when a different burger and a side added to the menu each month.

Burger Fuel's gourmet sides all sound too tasty to choose between - maybe it's best to order at least two of them to share! For instance, any main would be complemented by the Onion Rings that come with the house aioli mayo to dip them in, but then again, the Motobites sound pretty good too, and a little bit different from mainstream American menus. Motobites are made from pumpkin, cashews and ginger, and served with either yoghurt relish or lemon alioli - make your choice when ordering.

If you're looking for a substantial side, though, there's only one serious contender - the Chicken Fenders. You'll get between four and six of these chicken tenderloins that have been seasoned with rosemary, garlic and sea salt, then grilled to perfection. Again, yoghurt relish or lemon aioli comes with them.

2. Duck Fat Fries at Firebird Diner

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The concept behind chef Michael Mina's cooking at Firebird Diner is to take classic American diner food and elevate it to fine-dining levels, with the use of the best ingredients and his own individual twists to make every dish memorable.

The sides at the Firebird Diner aren't your run-of-the-mill selection. How often do you see Grilled Asparagus on a diner menu, for instance? One of the most popular side dishes is Duck Fat Fries - delicious potato fries made all the more tasty by being fried in duck fat. For veggie options, there are Hickory Smoked Mushrooms or Jalapeno Cream Corn - giving a spicy lift to this always popular side.

3. GBK Platter at Gourmet Burger King

Most people start deciding their order at Gourmet Burger King by picking one of the beef burger creations, where alongside the classics like the Cheese 6oz you'll find The Taxi Driver, with smoked chilli mayo, onion rings and American cheese, or the Blazing Sombrero, where the Australian Angus beef is topped with jalapenos, pico de gallo and rocket.

But there are some great sides to complement all the burgers too, and some of them might even negate the need for a burger altogether. Take, for instance, the GBK Platter which features hot chicken wings, halloumi cheese bites and onion rings. It's a meal in itself; almost! If you like your sides a little smaller, then pick an individual dish such as Triple Dips, shavings of potato that come with three different dips, or Spicy Cheese bites - where cheddar and jalapenos are deep-fried in bite-sized mouthfuls.

4. Mac N Cheese at Bayou BBQ

At Bayou BBQ, you'll find some amazing barbecue dishes, and it's the place to go if you're after some ribs. All of the ribs on Bayou BBQ's menu are definitely of the finger-lickin' variety! You can taste the love that goes into the food's preparation here - the short rib beef is smoked for a minimum of eight hours.

Sides are a crucial part of the menu here, and are the classics you'd expect on an American menu. Our fave is the Mac N Cheese with Jalapeno, but the Mini Buttermilk biscuits served with gravy are also pretty tempting. One thing to remember when ordering from Bayou BBQ is that you need to be hungry enough to do the meal justice!

Make sure to make room for one or two sides on your next American food order, delivered direct to your door with Deliveroo.

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