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Avocado Sushi Dishes in Dubai – Sushi Art and Many More

Avocado And Sushi Are A Match Made In Heaven – Try These Brilliant Bites In Dubai

Everyone knows that sushi is amazing, but pinpointing the best way to enjoy it is a difficult thing to do. While we love all types of the exquisite oriental nibbles, we deem that avocado could be the perfect ingredient to put in the rice rolls. In fact, we believe that the sumptuous green fruit and sushi are a match made in heaven. So we've gone on a mission around some of the best Japanese joints in Dubai. We've been to Sushi Art and many more top eateries to select the tastiest dishes just for you to try. Break out those chopsticks and read on, trust us, you'll be ordering sushi tonight.

1. Panko Shrimp Avocado

If you fancy traditional Japanese food with a modern twist, you need to check out the Sushi Counter. The skilled and experienced chefs here push the boundaries of Japanese cuisine and the result is some of the most awe-inspiring sushi in the city. Our favourite option features the luscious Mexican fruit and comes in the form of a Panko Shrimp Avocado Hand Roll. The juxtaposition of textures – crispy shrimp and smooth avocado – is out of this world. It's also topped off with a creamy, spicy sauce, adding to the dreaminess of the whole thing. Do you think your taste buds can handle such a treat?

2. Salmon Avocado

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Another truly sensational pairing is avocado and salmon. Both are smooth and rich and the creaminess of the fruit soaks up the moisture from the fish. When you order from Sushi Art, be sure to try out the Salmon Avocado in the Rolls section. It's one of the most popular dishes on the extensive menu there – one bite and you'll see why. The dish is so light and slips down easily – you'll be craving it again. And again and again! Why not order a few sets? There's no reason to hold back when it comes to sushi.

3. Togarashi Roll

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If you want a roll that's bursting with flavour and combines a number of awesome components, go for the Togarashi Roll at Mori Sushi. This is a set of four pieces, featuring shrimp tempura, salmon, avocado, togarashi spice and mayonnaise. Thanks to the Japanese chilli seasoning, these bites have a bit of a kick to them, yet the lightness of the avocado helps to balance the taste. It creates a perfect harmony of flavours, which will have you wondering why you hadn't tried avocado in this form sooner.

4. Green Paradise

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Possibly the healthiest option on this list, and suitable for vegans as well, is the Green Paradise at Atisuto. This is exactly what the name suggests – a heavenly piece of sushi featuring mixed garden vegetables in the roll, topped with avocado, carrot and cucumber. This one is perfect for people who want something wholesome but, at the same time, incredibly delicious. The trendy restaurant is renowned for its attractive dishes and this is one of the most visually appealing on the menu. Made for sharing, but we bet you'll fight over the last one!

Get your chopsticks out, choose your favourite avocado sushi rolls and order from Deliveroo tonight!

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