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Awesome Sandwiches In Dubai

More than bread and butter: 5 awesome sandwiches in Dubai

Forget your fancy sushi or comforting curry for lunch – sometimes you just want a sandwich, simple. But that doesn't mean your bread-based meal of choice needs to be boring. Here are five of the best sandwiches in Dubai, for when your lunch needs to be anything but predictable.

1. Steak Sandwich, Arrows and Sparrows

Not quite as simple as you might think, Arrows and Sparrows offer up various fillings and breads to liven up your lunchtime classic. The Steak Sandwich is part of their Business Lunch selection, and perfect for a day in the office or out in the park. Steak slices, crisp bread, earthy mushrooms and goat cheese-infused butter combine to make this something special.

Where: Arrrows & Sparrows Café, The Greens

2. Avocado Toast, Baker and Spice

Less a traditional sandwich and more an open-faced joy, Baker and Spice's avocado toast is sure to leave you smiling. Fresh slices of avocado are layered on a slice of organic sourdough bread. It's topped with homemade dukkah and a citrusy vinaigrette – but amp it up a notch by adding a pillowy poached egg.

Where: Baker & Spice, four locations  

3. Asian Chicken, B09 – Urban Sandwich Shop

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If you're looking for a sandwich, why not go to a specialist sandwich shop? B09 make ciabattas stuffed with innovative and ingenious fillings. The veggie-friendly sweet potato and beetroot is a treat, but the Asian Chicken is our favourite – slices of meat marinated in honey and soy, topped with roast peppers and broccoli, and covered in crushed nuts for a Thai twist.

Where: B09 – Urban Sandwich Shop, J.L.T.

4. Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Pesto Panini, Panifico

Cold sandwiches have their place, but toasting them can help bring out an extra special dimension. Panifico rustle up bagels, baguettes and toasties to help you manoeuvre your lunch-time cravings. The veggie standout is the mozzarella, tomato and pesto choice – like a caprese salad, inside crisp bread.

Where: Panifico, D.I.F.C.

5. Oak Smoked Salmon Bagel, 1762 The Gourmet Deli

Get a taste of New York on your break. The Oak Smoked Salmon Bagel carries Brooklyn charm with it, filled up with fine salmon slices. It's topped with peppery rocket and wasabi cream cheese for extra kick – while the bagel itself is covered with poppy and sesame seeds. This is how bagels were intended to be.

Where: 1762 The Gourmet Deli, three locations

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