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  2. Baba ganoush vs. hummus – what makes the perfect dinner party dip?  
Baba ganoush vs. hummus – The best dinner party dips of all time  

Baba ganoush vs. hummus – what makes the perfect dinner party dip?  

There's nothing quite as refreshing as a good dip when you're in need of a light lunch, a midday snack or the perfect evening appetiser. But which of the best are guaranteed to impress? In this saucy showdown, it's baba ganoush vs. hummus, yoghurt and mint vs. guacamole... and there's salsa in there too! Let's be honest, as long as you've got some carrot batons and sliced pitta warm from the oven, you're more than happy. But when you need a nice Mediterranean style starter to whet the appetite and get everyone reaching for more, take a look through our list and see what's what.

1. Hummus – rich and smooth

You've cut your cucumber, baked your pitta bread and now you need the perfect dip to help you make a delicious starter. It's fair to say that hummus might just be the answer. Rich and smooth, this taste-bud-tantalising paste combines chickpea and sesame seeds to create a truly heavenly culinary concoction. We especially love the Spicy Hummus from Enab Beirut, so we firmly recommend you have it delivered straight to your door the next time you're hosting a dinner party. The extra pizzazz from the spice will heat up any occasion and have your guests grinning from ear to ear.

2. Guacamole – punchy and colourful

Combining delicious hints of garlic and lime with the tang of hot peppers, guacamole is cool, colourful and has a unique taste. The perfect partner in crime to a plate of crunchy nachos, it's an essential component in many other Mexican-themed dishes and is guaranteed to leave your guests reaching for more. The Famous Unstressed Guacamole from Taqado Mexican Kitchen is the chillest of the chill in gourmet dip options and - available in small and large options - it's perfect for any occasion.  

3. Baba ganoush – a smokin' hot smoky taste

If you want to try something a little less mainstream, then baba ganoush is another great starter. Al Mayass do a very tasty version of this creamy dip made from pureed aubergines and mixed with sesame seeds. It's a Levantine dish with a unique smoky taste that will leave even the most discerning connoisseur impressed. Serve it with either pitta bread or a crusty French loaf for an authentically Middle-Eastern appetiser.

4. Salsa – filled with flavour

Mexico certainly knows how to make mouth-watering dips and salsa is just as good - and versatile - as guacamole. Even better, from Chalco's Mexican Grill you can order it by the bottle. Tomato-based, this delicacy mixes onions, chillies and herbs to make a concoction that varies from mild to scorching hot, meaning there's an option for everyone. Going nicely with nachos, it can also be served alongside sliced veggies for those who want a healthier option. An all-rounder.

5. Tzatziki – cool and crisp

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If you want something authentically Mediterranean, tzatziki is another favourite in the dunking world. This yoghurt-based dip has a cool and crisp flavour that refreshes the palette and goes perfectly with a wide variety of foods, from sliced cucumber to juicy kofta dishes. Easy to order from El Greco, it can be delivered straight to your door when you're in need of a superb starter at short notice - or you've simply got a hankering for a sublime snack!    

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