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4 Dishes Proving Diet and Boring Aren't One and the Same!

Balance your diet with these perfectly healthy picks

They say the key to a healthy diet is to eat everything in moderation. It makes an awful lot of sense: yes, chocolate, crisps, and naughty treats might be your go-to picks that you could glut yourself on all day long, but as long as they're imbibed only on occasion, and alongside plenty of meat, carbs and veggies, there's certainly no reason to cut them out entirely. But doesn't that mean that ordering in remains a cardinal sin? As - ahem - experts on the matter, we don't think that's the case at all. Whether you're in the mood for Italian, American or anything in-between, every eatery is guaranteed to serve up a selection of mouth-watering dishes for you to choose from that don't ruin your diet and do contribute productively to your healthy eating regime. Here are four top picks to prove it.

1. Whole wheat and grains  

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Did you know that whole wheat and grains are an essential part of any diet? A surprising number of people don't, but the clue is in the statistics: those who eat them have a greatly reduced risk of many chronic diseases. An important source of numerous different nutrients, from fibre to B vitamins, iron, magnesium, and selenium, they really should be included in your daily intake. One way to make sure they are is by ordering the Whole Grain Toast from Soho Grill. It's tasty, it's nourishing and it's really good for you too!    

2. Vegetables

We all know that veggies are brilliant for us. An essential component in our five-a-day, most of them are overflowing with vitamins and minerals and they help to keep our bodies on top form. Of course, they don't just do good things for our insides – most of them taste pretty great too and the right ones can turn a meal from entirely average to absolutely amazing. The best of the best is found in the Iraqi Sabich from Baker & Spice: a divine combination of roasted aubergine, fresh tomato salsa, lemon tahini chilli and soft, runny eggs, you'll forget it's even healthy at all.

3. Meat

An essential source of protein, meat can be prepared in a million different ways and still be cooked and coated to perfection. Available as the star ingredient in everything from pasta salads through to soups and roast dinners, its many brilliant qualities are probably best exemplified by this Sticky Glazed Beef from Butcha Steakhouse & Grill. And with pomegranates and pomelo in the mix, it can only be good for you, right?

4. Desserts

The trick to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is to allow yourself to indulge every once in a while, and dessert is probably the most enjoyable way to do it. Taking the form of everything from fruit salads through to apple crumble, chocolate mousse and vanilla cheesecake, it can be eaten any way that takes your fancy. But if we had to pick just one to eat forever, it would definitely be the amazing Rainbow Cake from Hummingbird Bakery.  

So next time you think takeaway and a balanced diet don't go together, think again! Place your order now with Deliveroo!

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