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  2. Bring on the best baklava dishes and find out why they’re so special
Battle for the best baklava – what makes the perfect pastry?

Bring on the best baklava dishes and find out why they’re so special

On almost every Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern restaurant menu, you're guaranteed to be able to finish your meal off on a highly sweetened note with a portion of baklava. It's a dessert that almost every ethnic group with origins in Greece, Turkey and the Middle East lays claim to as their own and each restaurant that serves it does in their own special way.

Here in Dubai we can get our hands on a range of delicious and delectable baklava from all kinds of restaurants, from the comfort of our own homes when ordering through Deliveroo. So what's the best baklava out there? Let's take a look.

1.Classic with a cool twist

Made with layers of filo pastry soaked in honey and filled with pistachios, the Anthep Baklava from the Turkish restaurant O'Doner has an authenticity of flavour that's hard to beat. And what makes it stand out from many other baklavas is the cool, thick layer of vanilla Maras Turkish ice-cream inside it. Maras ice-cream is a little different to most ice-creams: its thicker consistency means it's less liable to melt all over your fingers as you pop piece after piece in your mouth. The mastic in the ice-cream also gives it a slightly chewy nature that works unbelievably well with the crisp, flaky pastry. It's a dessert portion that's not only a cooling way to end a meal but one that well and truly hits the sweet spot.

2.Made to measure

At Babaji you're not restricted to off-the-peg baklava - oh no! There's a myriad of sizes and flavour combinations to choose from. There's the Classic Pistachio and Walnut versions, but there's also a Carrot Slice Baklava. Don't be fooled into thinking this version includes carrots, though! The name refers to the shape of the slice when it's cut from a whole round tray of our sweet dessert. And, of course, beneath the 30 layers of buttery, buttery filo pastry, you'll still find the usual - honey and pistachio or walnut. Whichever form of baklava you pick, the portion sizes range from individual to 500g and 1 kg. Sweetness in any size you like.

3.Extra sweetness with a hint of salt

You think you've already tried the sweetest baklava that Greek cooking has to offer. You think you're a pastry pro. But then along comes the Salted Caramel Baklava at GRK Fresh Greek and you're seeing the baklava world in a whole new light. The sweetness of the caramel is kept in check by a salty edge and the delicious flaky-pastry texture of baklava. And my, my is this a great way to combine the two. But why not take it one step further? Add yet another classic to the combo and try a slice of their Salted Caramel Baklava Cheesecake!

4.And for the chocolate addicts...

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We love baklava, but there are some of us who can't resist having a little chocolate post-dinner. Sounds familiar? Never you worry, we've found the perfect solution - baklava topped with chocolate! The Saraglakia from Mythos is an oven-baked baklava. Its layers of filo pastry are dipped in vanilla syrup, covered in chocolate and scattered with a topping of roasted pistachios. A heavenly crumbly and crunchy, chocolate-strewn masterpiece of a dessert!

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