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  2. The battle of the pizza crusts in the UAE - Italian thin or American deep dish?
UAE’s Battle of the Pizza Crusts - Italian Thin vs American Deep Dish

The battle of the pizza crusts in the UAE - Italian thin or American deep dish?

You've heard of Batman vs Superman, Apple vs Samsung, Alien vs Predator – but the real ultimate battle is the battle of the crusts. That's right, what's better than a battle between pizza? But do we prefer the traditional Italian thin crust or the cheese-loaded American deep crust?

The best way to determine which of the crusts reigns supreme is to taste them– the proof of the pizza is in the tasting after all. Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a huge range of pizza takeaways that form the basis of the age-old debate on which pizza crust thickness is the best.

1. The Art of the Thin Crust at Carluccio's

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Carluccio's are masters when it comes to ensuring the pizza base is the perfect combination of crunch and crisp. Excelling in the thin crust, Carluccio's make up for it with the range of delectable toppings that transform even the simplest of margheritas into taste sensations. The thin crust is symbolic of the dedication to the traditional Italian pizza, and the modern twists such as the tangy tomato sauce base combine to provide the perfect juxtaposition for your appetite.  

Grab a slice at Carluccio's, Marina Mall, Dubai

2. Try Both Thick and Thin Crusts at Pizza Express


Pizza Express is one of the biggest pizza chains in the world, doling out doughy goodness across continents, so it's learned a thing or two about getting the balance between thin and thick crust perfect. As such, it's no surprise that the chain that dominates Dubai and puts pizza on the map is a fan of both thick and thin crusts. Choose either the classic pizza or the Romana pizza and enjoy a sampling of both kinds of crust.  

Grab a slice at Pizza Express, Al Safa Centre, Dubai

3. Go Extra Light with Pinza


Pinza are unique in that they offer a pizza base that consists of 80% water and only 20% flour, which gives it an even lighter and crunchier texture. Pinza definitely lean towards the thin crust variety of pizza, but do so to an extreme, offering a pizza that reminds you of flatbread topped with a variety of tantalising flavours – including a Pinza pizza topped with truffles!  

Grab a slice at Pinza, Umm al Emarat Park, Abu Dhabi

4. Go Deep with Pizzaro

Pizzaro boasts an incredible selection of classic Italian pizzas from the mouth-watering olive oil basted margherita to the spicy kick of the Pollo Piccante and the taste of the ocean with the Salmone Affumicato. The crust is nice and thick, and if you want to go even deeper, they also specialise in calzones.

Grab a slice at Pizzaro, Dubai    

While there can never be one winner out of thick and thin crusts, we are partial to a slice of each. Variety is the spice of life and switching up the crust of your pizza is sometimes as much change as you need to make.

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