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  2. Cherish that relish! A guide to the best BBQ sauce in Dubai
Upgrade BBQ night with the smokiest sauces in Dubai

Cherish that relish! A guide to the best BBQ sauce in Dubai

On a burger, in a bun, drizzled on hotdogs and on the side as a dip: BBQ sauce is a condiment without savoury equal, always on hand for when a meaty craving comes knocking at your appetite's door. Whether you like your classic American option smoky, sweet, hot or tangy, every pot of sticky satisfaction is an absolute treat – and we've got 'em all here at Deliveroo! Cherish your relish, season your sandwich and lick those hungry lips this BBQ night. Here's your guide to the best tang sauce in Dubai.

1. Homemade BBQ Sauce from Bayou BBQ

Classics come first: a wash of homemade BBQ sauce from Bayou BBQ takes you back – back in time to childhood, back in time to the beginning of barbecue, to your first bite, to your first taste of culinary greatness. It's both smoky and sweet and it really is special. The flavours are perfectly measured, there's just the right amount of kick and it crusts up something beautiful on the edge of a basted piece of meat. Available in, on and around dishes throughout their menu, Bayou BBQ know just how to leave customers with smiles on their faces and sauce on their cheeks. And fingers. And chins. Sauce everywhere, really.

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2. Kansas City Style Sauce by Claw BBQ

Another homemade sauce, another delicious iteration. Claw BBQ in downtown Dubai coat their Boneless Chicken Strips with a Kansas-inspired sauce, as tangy as it is sweet. It's a delicious complement to the lighter, leaner white meat of the chicken and the relish goes especially well with the fried breadcrumb coating. Anyone who's ever dunked a nugget or two knows just how wonderful a crunchy, seasoned bite can be. Filling. Scrumptious. Hard to beat. A great dish to share between friends.    

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3. Espresso BBQ Sauce at Soho Grill

For when you can't make up your mind between a coffee and a burger: Soho Grill's Espresso BBQ sauce is a sumptuously caffeinated punch of decidedly tasty flavour. Infused with coffee beans and drizzled down onto an 8oz brisket, this is one of the most unique, ingenious takes on the traditional BBQ recipe you can find in Dubai. The clash of culinary genre might seem jarring to some at first, but believe us when we say you'll get used to it pronto - especially with side additions of fries and onion rings. Strange at first, delicious forever after. A character-building experience for your taste buds without a doubt.

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4. Sweet Barbecue from The Carving Board

Welcome to The Carving Board, home of our fourth and final delicious BBQ sauce. With so much nuance within a single condiment, it can be hard to pin down a particular favourite - yet here we are. A family business, The Carving Board know their way around a sandwich or two and with sandwiches comes the undeniable presence of sauce. Atop slow braised beef, oozing between grilled onions, lathered onto aged parmesan cheese, this sweet BBQ is humble, simple and sharp in contrast to the rest of the menu. Exactly what a condiment should be – and then some.

Get saucy! When the smokey tang of BBQ is what you need in life, Deliveroo is on hand to bring you the goods.

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