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  2. The best acai spot’s in Dubai for a superfood start to your day
The Acai Spot’s The Place For A Fruity Breakfast Treat

The best acai spot’s in Dubai for a superfood start to your day

It's a berry that's in the headlines these days and if you haven't tried it yet, it's certainly time you did. From being virtually unknown a few years ago the acai berry is popping up in breakfast places across Dubai, from Acai Spot to Acai Brazil, Freshii and more! Why? Because it's totally delicious and really good for you too. It's packed full of vitamin C, anti-oxidants and fibre plus it's so versatile that it's the perfect ingredient in everything from big cereal bowls to slender smoothies. So go on. Get on the trail of the legendary acai berry and we promise you'll never look back

1. Acai Bowl - The Slider Corner

Although it's listed as one of their desserts we reckon that the Acai Bowl would make a pretty fine and fruity breakfast too. It's a great big bowlful of home-made granola that's full of good things along with fruity acai purée and sliced banana liberally dribbled with sweet, sweet honey. It all adds up to a power-packed start to the day from The Slider Corner that's going to leave you positively bursting with get-up-and-go.

2. The Loved One - Acai Spot

From the very first time you try The Loved One you'll understand perfectly just why Acai Spot have given it this name. Once again, it features a nutty and crunchy granola with the addition of a whole host of fruits including blueberries and strawberries. The acai is blended with banana and the whole delicious dish is served with Greek-style yoghurt.

3. The Sweet Acai - Acai Brazil

The very best berries come from deep in the Amazonian jungle so we had to include Acai Brazil in our list. Mango joins acai and banana to create a true treat with a mere sprinkling of granola on top. So get tropical and have a dose of this top, tasty acai bowl to kick-start your day.

4. Acai Avocado Thunder Smoothie - Brothaus

They're just as famous for their smoothies down at Brothaus as they are for their amazing German cuisine and this is one of the real stars of the show. Acai powder is added to avocado, honey, dates and almond milk to create a true breakfast of champions.

5. Acai Smoothie - Freshii

For their version of the smoothie, Freshii have plucked the very best organic acai berries from South America and blended them with strawberries, blueberries, banana and almond milk. Then, for an extra burst of energy, there's also a shot of whey protein to supercharge your day.

6. Acai Super Smoothie Bowl - Be Super Natural Kitchen

It all comes together in one amazing combination in the Be Super Natural Kitchen's Super Smoothie Bowl. They pride themselves on being Dubai's first and only 100% raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, preservative-free café so you'll know that only good things go into the bowl including their own special rawnola and coconut, too. We think you'll be bowled over by the result!

It's the hot new ingredient for breakfasts that give a kick-start to the day. So get your acai berry treats from the one and only Deliveroo.

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