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  2. If you love US cuisine and seafood, Dubai has some real treats in store for you
Four American inspired seafood dishes in Dubai

If you love US cuisine and seafood, Dubai has some real treats in store for you

Think American food and maybe the first things that spring to mind are big juicy steaks and burgers broiling over charcoal. But maybe it's time to think again because there are also a whole lot of dishes that are typically American but without a sign of any meat in them. That's because they feature the ocean's harvest instead and in terms of exciting seafood, Dubai leads the way. From tacos to burgers you'll find star dishes at plenty of American takeaways throughout the city that all go to prove that meat is not the only option.

1. Spicy Grilled Shrimp Tacos - Chili's

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Check out Chili's if you want a different take on the classic Tex Mex taco. These are just as spicy as you'd expect but have the more unusual filling of plump, juicy shrimps that have been marinated in zesty lime and quickly grilled. They're served with three flour tortillas as well as coleslaw, sliced avocado and the restaurant's own homemade pico di gallo. On the side you'll also enjoy citrus rice and black beans and it all adds up to a meal that'll get you hooked on the idea of swapping chicken or beef for seafood.

2. Crispy Fish Burger - The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club's Crispy Fish Burger is certainly quite a handful, in the best possible way. In place of the traditional beef patty you'll find a fish fillet wrapped in crispy batter in the middle of the soft white bun. Then there's white cabbage slaw and baby spinach along with melting cheddar cheese to create a whole range of taste and texture sensations. Who knew that deep fried fish could ever be so very delicious?

3. Seafood Hot Dog - Burger Rebel

Now, of all  the American fast foods going, we bet you didn't expect to find a Seafood Hot Dog in our little list? But Burger Rebel by name, burger rebel by nature. So much so, in fact, that this doesn't even come with a bun. Instead it's a glorious mix of white dory fish, salmon and prawns that's served with fennel-infused mashed potatoes and a rich and citrussy lemon butter sauce.  So when it comes to flavour, it really is top dog!

4. The Beast Burger - Burger & Lobster

We've left the biggest till last and, from its name alone, you know you're in for a gastronomic and hunger-busting treat. It's not exclusively a seafood burger because there's one of Burger & Lobster's legendary 10 oz patties at its heart. But this is topped by a succulent lobster tail, covered with mild, melting brie and served with a side-order of fries. If this all sounds a little too much to handle, there's always The Baby Beast which just has a 6 oz burger and pieces of lobster meat instead of the tail. All the same, it's still quite an eating experience!

It's time to enjoy some of Dubai's most exciting American seafood dishes and you can trust Deliveroo to bring you the catch of the day.

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