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  2. Five red hot ways to enjoy the perfect summer barbeque
5 Brilliant Barbecue Dishes Delivered Sizzling to Your Door

Five red hot ways to enjoy the perfect summer barbeque

What is it about barbeque food that makes it so very delicious? Is it that it connects with our most primitive urge to cook over an open fire? Or maybe it's just the amazing smoky flavour that this form of cooking imparts? Either way, almost all of us jump at the very first mention of a good old American-style meal, preferably enjoyed out in the open air. Of course, doing it yourself there's always an element of hassle involved - from prepping all the ingredients to firing up the barbie. So why not enjoy a more stress-free method and let Deliveroo bring it all to you instead?

1. Grab yourself a gourmet burger

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Nothing says barbeque quite like a big, juicy burger – and some say the messier the better! So if you want to get yourself a real handful then may we recommend the Swiss'N' Mushroom from Classic Burger Joint? It's 150 grams of prime Australian beef chargrilled and topped with mushrooms, lettuce, relish and oozing Swiss cheese. So don't forget to have a napkin or two at the ready.

2. Get stuck into some ribs

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There's a real primaeval pleasure to gnawing on some sizzling ribs hot off the grill, especially when they're as totally awesome as these beauties from Bayou BBQ. Their Rib Combo Meal stars a black Angus short rib that has been cooked low and slow for at least 16 hours until the meat positively gives itself up to you, it's so tender. Then they cover it in smoky bbq sauce and leave you to add your own side order. We'd say that the Mash N Gravy is the one that really hits the spot.

3. Don't forget the kebabs!

It's not all American, though! There's also a rich tradition of cooking over charcoal in India and a great example is the Chicken Shashlik from Barbecue Delights. Marinated chunks of chicken breast are grilled on skewers with capsicum, onion and tomato and served with a side of vegetable rice. We bet you can't stop at just one!

4. The veggie option

Sometimes vegetarians can feel a little left out among the meat feast of a typical barbeque, but we wouldn't let that happen. So we looked in on Big Smoke Burger to see what they had to offer and, lo and behold, their Veggie Burger fits the bill perfectly. Their homemade patties are joined by lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup and Dijon mustard to create a truly satisfying burger that everyone can enjoy.

5. We've even hooked a fish dish

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Our final recommendation is a little on the unusual side for a barbie, but delicious all the same. The Virginia Style Roasted Salmon that you'll find on the menu at the Soho Grill comes with quinoa, hazelnut, charred corn and red onions along with gremolata sauce. So if you've never experienced barbequed fish before, this is a great place to start!

It's barbecue time! So why not get Deliveroo on the case for you?

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