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  2. Time to brush up your bruschetta know-how with five delicious alternatives
5 Top Ways to Enjoy Some Different Bruschetta Toppings

Time to brush up your bruschetta know-how with five delicious alternatives

Whether you're looking for the perfect way to start an Italian meal or just want some delicious canapés then nothing hits the spot quite like bruschetta. This staple of Italian restaurant menus everywhere is light enough to just tickle your taste buds while still leaving plenty of room for the delicious courses to follow. So it's no wonder that it joins the line-up of many of Dubai's favourite European dishes and comes with so many different toppings.

1. The classic tomato and basil


You can't bypass the classic 'til you've tried it, though. To find the version we all know and love, look no further than the Bruschetta al Pomodoro e Basilico from Per Te. To create this mini-masterpiece, they lightly grill the crusty and rustic slices of bread before rubbing them with the merest hint of garlic and generously topping them with sweet, ripe tomatoes, classic Genovese basil pesto and torn rocket leaves. The flavours are fresh, intense and quintessentially Italian.

2. Make room for some mushrooms

You'll probably have enjoyed mushrooms on toast before but we doubt that they've ever tasted quite as delicious as the Bruschetta Funghi at Oregano Restaurant. The artisan-style ciabatta is topped with a selection of mushrooms which have slowly been cooked down to a state of rich tenderness and dressed in a fruity olive oil. You can positively taste the sunshine in every single bite.

3. Mozzarella magic

We all know how well tomato and mozzarella go together. After all, it's a combo at the heart of every great pizza with the creaminess of the cheese perfectly complementing the sweet sharpness of the sauce. And it's a mix that Tiramisu Café has used to great effect with its Bruschetta Italiana. These prime ingredients are joined by olive oil, freshly-ground black pepper and basil to create a simple but great twist on the classic tomato bruschetta.

4. Go nuts with crostini

It's a fine line between bruschetta and crostini but it's one we're sure you'll be happy to cross to enjoy these amazing little taste bombs from Eggspectation. To make their Brie And Walnut Crostini they take small slices of ciabatta covered with melted cheese before adding walnuts, apple slices and a generous drizzle of honey. It's sweet, it's sharp, it's nutty. But, above all, it's totally delicious.

5. And finally, some fish

The Schiacciata Salmone is a sure star in the starter section of the Matto menu. It might sound like a bit of a tongue twister but there's no denying that it tastes amazing. Marinated salmon sits on top of the thin, crisp bread and is joined by the fresh flavours of orange, fennel and Taggiasca olives, all dressed in a light yoghurt sauce. If you're looking for an undeniably gourmet version of the usual bruschetta, you've certainly found it with this dish.

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