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Keep It Classy with These Classic Pizza Toppings in Dubai

Keep it classy with these classic pizza toppings

To put it simply, pizza is a truly wonderful thing. Whether you are old or young, veggie or meat eater, no matter what your tastes may be there is always a delicious pizza to suit everyone. In this day and age, there are always new and exciting toppings cropping up on pizzas all around the world, but you really can't beat the classics. So join us on a tour of the purest, most classic Italian pizza toppings to consider when you're about to order your next pizza fix.

1. Margherita - Rossovivo Artisan Pizza

The mighty margherita is an authentic Italian classic and a favourite all around the world so we couldn't possibly exclude it from this list. A tasty pizza with a tomato base and cheese topping is simple yet always delivers on taste. The Margherita served over at Rossovivo Artisan Pizza is the perfect example of a truly great margherita pizza and does not disappoint, so be sure to grab a slice or two (or a whole pizza!) of this delicious stone-oven baked treat.

2. Formaggio - PINZA!

Calling all cheese lovers – the Formaggio is perfect for you! PINZA serves a great Formaggio which is made with just the perfect mix of pecorino cheese and mozzarella, and seasoned with black pepper for a tasty lunchtime treat to keep your stomach satisfied. This classic topping will never steer you wrong (how can you go wrong with cheese?!), so make your next meal a memorable one with the formaggio.

3. Calzone - Matto

The Calzone is a unique type of pizza as it is folded in half rather than flat, like the pizzas we are used to. They are often stuffed with goodies such as salami, mozzarella, ham, parmesan and so much more. The Calzone served over at MATTO is a wonderfully cheesy one stuffed with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, beef salami, tomato and mushrooms. Each bite is a delicious one so be sure not to miss out on this Italian classic.

4. Prosciutto e Funghi - Serafina

Another simple yet delicious classic is the Prosciutto & Funghi pizza, a classic combination of tomato, cheese, ham and mushrooms. Yet, it never lets you down. It's a tasty dish made with fresh ingredients and just bursting with flavour, so be sure to check out those served over at Serafina the next time you feel like grabbing some pizza for lunch.

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Whether you're having a quiet night in with some movies or a big night with your friends or family, pizza is always the best food to please everyone in the group. Don't get us wrong, there are loads of delicious modern pizza toppings to feast on, but you just can't beat these classics, so make sure you give them all a try to remind yourself of what true Italian pizza tastes like.

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