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Fantastic Coffee Takeaway Options in Dubai

Put Some Pep In Your Step With Some Of Dubai’s Best Coffee

Where would we be without coffee? It's what gets us going and fired up for the day ahead first thing in the morning, it makes a welcome break in the middle of the working day and it's also the ideal way to end a perfect meal.

What's more, some doctors even say that a little bit of caffeine each day is good for our health, helping to keep us that little bit more mentally sharp and provide valuable energy for a workout just when we need it most.

Luckily, there's a great coffee culture in Dubai that goes hand in hand with having a wide range of fantastic breakfast cafés to choose from - so you're never very far away from your next steaming cup of motivation.

If you are going for that all important shot first thing in the day, don't miss the opportunity to boost up your energy with what's widely acknowledged to be the most important meal of the day from a city that simply does breakfast better than most. So if you're looking for some great places to go, here are five solid suggestions.

1. Cocoville

A real coffee connoisseur's delight, Cocoville offers a comprehensive range of blends to enjoy from espresso to Turkish and Arabic specialities. Ranging from the lattés to affogatos, there is a coffee for all tastes here. They also offer an irresistible collection of tasty treats to savour including assorted brownie and candy boxes that are packed with goodies to share.

2. Costa Coffee

You don't get to be a huge international brand without having some pretty serious coffee credentials so you can expect big treats when you go to Costa Coffee. As well as all of the standard varieties you'd expect, including flat white, macchiatos and cappuccinos, they also do their own special range of frosted ice coffee including mocha cream and double chocolate cookie mocha for those with a sweet tooth.

3. The Coffee Club

As the name suggests, it's all about the beans at The Coffee Club. Aside from the normal names you would expect to see, you can also find unique coffee options such as the melloccino, a shot of espresso topped with milk crema and a spongy, soft marshmallow. However, that's just part of the story. To make it a breakfast to remember, why not add a pancake to your order too? The real standout from the selection is the Mixed Berries With Nutella which is also served with a crunchy sprinkling of pistachio nuts on top.

4. Brazilian Roast Café

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Expect rich South American flavours in the coffee from the Brazilian Roast Café as well as other Latin American delicacies like Churros with Dulce De Leche, delicious doughnut-style pastries served with a light caramel sauce and the perfect accompaniment to a rich, dark blend.

5. Paul Bakery and Restaurant

If you fancy a coffee that's a cut above the rest then the famous Paul Bakery and Restaurant will be happy to oblige. For a truly sublime experience go for the Caramel Sticky Mocha – chocolate frappe, caramel syrup, milk and an espresso shot or, for a more sophisticated experience, the Café Gourmand served with three mini macaroons.

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