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4 cheeky chicken sandwiches to spice up your lunch in Dubai

Lunchtime dishes for those who love chicken sandwiches

Finally, the morning has rolled on by and here it is: lunchtime. What we've all been waiting for. The humble meat sandwich has come a long way since the 4th Earl of Sandwich invented it in 1762. Now, in 2018, we have moved on to bigger, better and spicier sandwich options – especially for chicken lovers. We've rustled up four of the best variations of the chicken sandwich to make your everyday lunch in Dubai something special.

1. Sherbert Station – Chicken Tikka Toastie

Sherbert Station have taken the traditional chicken sandwich and given it an excellent twist. The chicken is lightly tikka spiced before being cooked and encased between two thick slices of toast to create a real treat for your taste buds. Spicing up the succulent pieces of chicken breast transforms lunchtime - it seems almost too simple to be true, but you better believe it! And, if you're super hungry, Sherbert Station also offer a range of ice-creams and milkshakes – white rose milkshake to sweeten up your day, anyone?

2. Panifico – Cajun Chicken, Gouda and Tomato Chutney Panini

Panifico boasts an impressive lunchtime menu with a wide range wraps and sandwiches, all handmade on the day. They're even time-stamped, so you know exactly how fresh your lunch is. The Panini selection deserve a special shout-out: for those craving carbs to combat the midday energy slump, a panini is the way to go. The panini bread provides a strong foundation for whatever filling you throw its way, but the most popular here is the Cajun Chicken, Gouda and Tomato Chutney Panini - and for good reason. The deliciously strong combination of flavours compliment one another and guarantee you an exciting lunchtime.

3. Tony Romas Arabian Center – BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

This is the perfect option if you're fancying a lunch break restaurant experience at home or in the office. Tony Roma's family-friendly menu has something for everyone and this particular number is an all-round people-pleaser. The chicken breast is marinated in a rich BBQ sauce with the perfect blend of sugar and spices to give it that distinct Tony Romas flavour. Then its all toasted together in a tortilla with cheese. This will absolutely satisfy your lunchtime chicken cravings, giving you a good lot of protein along the way.

4. Sandwichy – Chicken Fillet Supreme

Sandwichy is one of Dubai's best-kept secrets for lunchtime cuisine. From traditional Greek classics to American and even British wonders, the extensive menu at Sandwichy has you covered.  There's an English breakfast, kebabs and salads, but we're shining the spotlight on the American chicken fillet supreme. It's served with a mixture of fried chicken breast and turkey ham, which is then topped with cheese, salad and a generous dollop of cocktail sauce.  This American-inspired dish will be sure to put a smile on your face. And after all, Sandwichy's mantra is that a sandwich has the power to change your mood.

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