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Five salmon surprises to be savoured in Dubai

Fish is the dish of the day - and salmon is the fish Dubai does best!

Salmon is all the rage in seafood-loving circles, and it's easy to see why. It's such a versatile fish, which fits into almost any dish - from sushi through to pasta.

It's the kind of ingredient that really allows you to think outside of the box, as it can lend itself to lots of unusual fishy feasts. It's healthy, it's tasty and it's the star of the show. Is there nothing it can't do?

Salmon is one of the best fish Dubai can put on your plate so here are just a few ways you can order it, if you're fishing for ideas. Come on now, let's reel 'em in!

1. Salmontini - Degustation, 'The Plate'

Salmon lovers, get ready - Salmontini is the dream. In case it's not clear from their name, almost every dish on the menu here pays homage to salmon in some way. The Plate, as part of their degustation selection, is the best way to experience as much of it as you possibly can. Try helpings of traditional smoked salmon, heart of smoked salmon, marinated smoked salmon, salmon beetroot Gravadlax, salmon tartare and salmon sashimi. Um, what? This is a legit salmon surprise. We're obsessed.

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2. Chez Sushi - Salmon Tataki

Salmon is popular all around the world but this is particularly true among the Japanese. Chez Sushi does a splendid version of Salmon Tataki, which wouldn't be out of place in Japan. The salmon is seared and then cooked with spring onions, fresh ginger and ponzu. This is an East Asian delight, alright!

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3. Vapiano - Carbonara Salmone

Vapiano's "thing" is that their pasta dishes are made specially to order but one ingredient you certainly won't want to switch from the Carbonara Salmone is the salmon itself. Mixed with onions in a creamy sauce, this dish is cooked in the traditional way with a helping of egg and fresh parsley stirred through. Oh, and there's cheese. Can life get any better?

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4. Ocean Basket - Grilled Salmon

South Africa's best-kept secret is out - it's Ocean Basket! Serving up food from the traditional seafood chain, you can order a classic fish and chips to enjoy beside the seaside or at home. We especially love the grilled salmon and chips. It's a little more on the healthy side, and absolutely bursting with flavour. There's nothing like kicking back on the beach on a hot day with the salmony stuff... which sounds perfect for this place!

5. Couqley - Salmon Tartare

The Scottish know a thing or two about salmon, and Couqley knows it. Their fresh Scottish salmon has been shipped (well, it didn't swim...), all the way from bonnie Scotland to find its way to your plate. Raw and chopped might sound a bit strange, but that's the basis of a good Salmon Tartare. The fact its infused with fine herbs means that it's honestly just all about the taste.

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