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5 Fantastic Japanese Fish Dishes in Dubai

Want To Scale The Heights Of Fishy Cuisine? Go Japanese

When it comes to finding new and interesting ways to enjoy fish and other seafood there aren't many cuisines that can compete with Japanese. Whether steamed, fried, griddled or even raw, they certainly have a way to make the most ordinary-sounding fish dish into a true taste sensation.

That Japan's an island must have a lot to do with the fact that it's a nation of pescatarians – although they do also offer plenty of options for hungry vegetarians too. And the fact that the fish they can harvest from the surrounding sea is so very fresh is a big bonus too, in terms of inspiration and flavour as well.

As a part of your diet, fish can't be beaten. Low in fat and high in protein, it's no wonder that it's said to be good for the brain – just as it's a no-brainer to head for any of the many Japanese restaurants in Dubai to enjoy some dishes like the ones we've selected below.

1. Grilled Spicy Salmon with Rice

One of the special signature dishes at Itadaki, the Grilled Spicy Salmon with Rice certainly packs quite a punch when it comes to flavour. First they marinate the salmon in their own special spicy recipe before lightly grilling it and serving it with rice, cooling avocado, delicately-flavoured cilantro and a piquant spicy sauce.

2. Yakisoba Prawn

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For a truly satisfying bowl of noodles look no further than this real winner of a dish from Atisuto. The seafood element is provided by the plump, succulent prawns which are served with stir-fried egg noodles, a medley of mixed vegetables and the restaurant's special tonkatsu sauce. The result is a dish that is so much more than just a sum of its many delicious parts.

3. Salmon Teriyaki

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Teriyaki sauce is, for many people, the quintessential flavour of much of Japanese cooking so it's no surprise that it pops up here in this classic dish from Sakura. They source their salmon from Norway, a country renowned for the quality of its fish, and serve it with their own special version of the sweet and spicy soy sauce along with a mixture of grilled vegetables.

4. Tuna Tataki

Here's proof that if the ingredients are of the very highest quality there's very little that you need to do to make them taste absolutely sensational. Chez Sushi take a tuna steak and lightly sear it before serving with spring onions and mustard that's been liberally spiked with sesame seeds, to sensational effect.

5. Seafood Ramen

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Wagamama may be a big international brand but that doesn't mean they can't also create stunning dishes, as this example proves. Their Seafood Ramen is a heady mix of sea bream, tiger prawns and breaded tilapia served with noodles and liberally garnished with pea shoots, spicy wakame and samphire, all served in a clean and refreshing seafood broth.

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