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The 5 Perfect Pasta And Pizza Places In Dubai

To Pizza Or To Pasta? That’s The Big Question

Life's full of big choices – is it better to spend an extra half hour in bed or to hit the gym early? Should we catch the elevator or go by the stairs for a change? Or, do I want pizza or pasta for my next Italian treat?

Both have got plenty going for them and there's a huge choice of Italian places to enjoy them in Dubai, ranging from the traditional to a more contemporary take on Italian cuisine. So it's really a question of deciding which one you'd prefer – both are great hunger busters and come with a wide range of toppings and ingredients – and to give you a bit of a head start, here are five great Italian restaurants for you to try in Dubai.

1. The Pizza Factory

It all starts with the pizza oven at The Pizza Factory. It's made from special volcanic rock and is specially designed to retain and radiate heat to cook every single pizza to absolute crisp perfection. There's a huge variety to choose from ranging from the traditional Margherita up to far more complex varieties like the Leafy Green with walnuts, spinach, arugula, feta and mozzarella. Certainly a green lovers dream! Plus, to suit the size of your appetite, they also come in large or small sizes.

2. Sapori Di Bice

Sapori Di Bice is so good that in 2014 it even won 'The Best Italian Restaurant in Dubai' award – and it's still one of the very best places to choose if you want authentic Italian pasta. Much of it is handmade on the premises and the restaurant's especially famous for its Lasagne Emiliane Alla Bolognese, prepared in the traditional way by head chef Giuseppe featuring layers of rich meat ragu, creamy bechamel sauce and topped with lashings of parmesan cheese.

3. Rossovivo Artisan Pizza

A similar amount of love and care goes into pizzas that they produce at Rossovivo Artisan Pizza. With them, it's all about the dough which is left to prove for at least 12 hours before baking in the ovens imported from Campania. The result is a light, crispy base the likes of which you may never have experienced before. The Diavola, in particular, is a spice lovers dream with tomato, mozzarella, beef salami, basil and a slathering of chilli oil to bring the heat!

4. Al Fresco Restaurant

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Simplicity is the key at the Al Fresco Restaurant where the menu is short and simple and the dishes rely on the very best ingredients to make them stand out. A great example is the Tagliatelle Alfredo With Mushrooms – pasta ribbons with field-fresh mushrooms in a rich and creamy sauce. Heart warming and traditional. Yum!

5. Mamma Italia

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Mamma Italia is a restaurant where you can enjoy the best of both worlds, whether you want a enjoy pizza or pasta as there's a great choice of both. A real highlight of the pasta menu, however, is the homemade ravioli that is generously stuffed with wild porcini mushrooms and spinach and served with a truffle butter sauce while the Pollo Picante spicy chicken pizza is an equally memorable dining experience. Decisions, decisions.

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