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  2. It’s all Greek to us! Five great tastes of the Mediterranean.
Go Greek In Dubai - Spinach Cheese Pie, Octopus and Eggplant

It’s all Greek to us! Five great tastes of the Mediterranean.

Imagine yourself outside a friendly little Greek taverna by the sea. The waves are gently lapping, there's nothing to do all day except enjoy the peace, tranquillity, and fantastic food on offer. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? And the even better news is that there are more than enough Greek restaurants in Dubai to make at least the food element of it a reality.

For lots of us, the great thing about going Greek is that so much of it comes on small plates so we can sample lots of different flavours and types of food without filling up too quickly. It's also great for sharing, making it a really sociable cuisine too. So isn't it time you ordered your own Greek takeaway and enjoyed some of these tasty offerings?

1. Octopus With Eggplant Mousse - Eat Greek

The name's Eat Greek and that's exactly what you'll be doing when you order this delectable dish. The octopus is tenderized and grilled using the restaurant's special technique – they call it Monastery-style – and it's served with a rich and flavoursome eggplant mousse. The succulence of the octopus is perfectly complemented by the creamy smoothness of the mousse to create a combination that you're sure to want to enjoy again and again.

2. Spinach Cheese Pie - Mythos

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The spinach cheese pie is another classic of Greek cuisine and you won't find many better examples in Dubai than this one from Mythos. The feta cheese and minced spinach filling are wrapped in layer upon layer of flaky filo pastry and deep fried to perfection. Extra taste and richness is provided by the addition of another classic ingredient of the region's cooking, oregano.

3. Gyros Sandwich - El Greco

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Italy has its pizzas and America has its hamburgers but the classic Greek fast food is probably the Giros Sandwich. A flatbread, or a pita pocket, filled with meat, salad, and sauce makes for a deliciously balanced quick bite. In this version, from El Greco, the meat is tender chicken that has been grilled on a gyros spit and, to add a few extra carbs into the mix, it even comes with a few chips included too.

4. Tzatsiki - Labby's The Hellenic House

If there's one dish that encapsulates the fresh simplicity of Greek cuisine it's tzatziki. This creamy mixture of yoghurt, grated cucumber, and garlic forms the important part of any mezze, along with other dips like hummus and taramasalata too. At Labby's The Hellenic House, they also add a few olives and extra virgin olive oil to further enhance the flavour of their version of the dip.

5. Grandma's Traditional Keftedakia - Grecian Grill Restaurant

Greece is one of the many countries in the world where recipes are passed down from generation to generation – hence Grandma's Traditional Keftedakia from the Grecian Grill Restaurant. These are super-savoury and bite-sized meatballs made from minced beef with garlic and herbs, which are so tasty in their own right that they simply don't need a sauce.

So why not take a trip to Greece with Deliveroo today? You're sure to enjoy it!

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