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Get Your Hands On Dubai’s Best Indian Takeaways Today

Get Your Hands-On Dubai’s Best Indian Takeaways

 When you're in Rome, you do as the Romans do. When you're in Egypt, you walk like the locals. When you're in Dubai, you should try eating like an Indian. According to Indian customs and traditions, using your hands is not only courteous but the best way to do things. For chefs such as Hemant Mathur of New York's Tulsi, ditching your cutlery is a prerequisite when you step into his establishment. Indeed, tradition states that eating with your hands is a way of creating a better connection between the diner and their dinner.

During our time on the Dubai restaurant delivery scene, we've picked out a plethora of top eateries. Whether it's the fusion flavour at Spice and Ice, the traditional dishes at Bombay Bungalow or the artistic creations at Omnia Baharat, the Dubai spice trail is on fire with hot picks. However, as extensive as our reviews have been, we've never really got down and dirty with some of the best Indian eats in Dubai.

With this in mind, we've trawled our network of Indian restaurants in Dubai and found some of the dishes that are best eaten without the use of a knife and fork. So, without further ado, here's four of the finest Indian eateries in Dubai.

1. Roti Rollers - Dar Wasl Mall, Wasl Road

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The biggest question non-native eaters have when it comes to dining the Indian way, is: how do I pick things up? Well, you could dive in with your hands or you could use a roti. One of the main vessels for putting food to mouth in India is the flatbread known as a roti. With this in mind, Roti Rollers is the ideal choice for an Indian feast where cutlery isn't needed. Taking the idea of Mexican-style wraps and adding in some spicy flavours, this place is great for a grab-and-go snack. If you fancy something mild but still a bit fiery, Beauty and the Beef fuses spicy beef, potato, chimichurri, mint chutney and more.

2. Soy to Chutney - Bay Square, Business Bay

Street food is often the best food. Leaving all pretence behind, these tasty morsels pack tons of flavour and are great for eating with your hands. It won't come as a shock to you if we say that Soy to Chutney offers some sublime chutney selections. From this, you'll want to take a look through the "street food" selection inside our online menu. Here, you'll find everything from samosas, crispy okra, palak paneer pops, and more.

3. Royal Mughal Bistro - Office Park Building, Media City

This restaurant has an 87% approval rating on Deliveroo, and it excels when it comes to traditional Indian cooking. As you'd expect, chicken tikka and butter chicken are always popular, as is yellow dal. However, if you want to really connect with your food, we'd suggest you take a bite from the tandoori menu. A combination of chicken malai kebab, paneer tikka, and vegetable stuffed potatoes make the perfect all-in snack when you want a great Indian delivered directly to your door.

4. My Mosa - Bombay Bungalow the Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence

For our final "eat with your hands Indian takeaway", we've picked out My Mosa. Known for combining unique flavours with classic recipes, this is another place where you can roll up your dish and eat without a fork. Known as Frankie Rolls, these treats give you all the flavour of a curry without any of the mess. For a Deliveroo fan favourite, order the Chili Chicken Frankie with tandoori chicken, onions, and capsicum for a fiery roll of fun.

Dubai is home to some fantastic Indian restaurants and many of them will allow you to muck in and eat. Indeed, if you take a look through the latest Deliveroo options, you're bound to find something you can get your hands on.

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