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  2. Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with the best street food in Dubai
The best worldwide street food available throughout Dubai

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with the best street food in Dubai

The world is full of so many wonderful cuisines that can light up your senses and introduce you to new flavours and sensations you hadn't experienced before. Luckily, Dubai is a city which merges together cuisines from all corners of the world right on your doorstep with some amazing street food restaurants. From Italian to Mexican and everything in between, we are going to show you some of the best places to grab some authentic international street food which will take your taste buds on a worldwide adventure.

1. Italian - Frittura Di Strada

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Italian food isn't always pizza and pasta; they also have some incredible fish dishes which are a class all of their own. The same can be said for the Frittura di Strada served at Vicolo Italian Street Food, as this is the perfect dish to eat on the go or to sit and savour. It is made with deep fried fish and shrimp, which is deliciously crispy, simply drizzled with some lemon juice to help bring out the flavours even more. This is an ideal lunch option as it is easy to eat and totally tasty, so switch it up on your next break and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

2. Seafood - Golden Shrimp Roll

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What is easier to eat on the go than some delicious seafood, so make sure you try out the Golden Shrimp Roll from Urban Seafood. You will definitely need to use two hands for this monster of a roll and be sure to pick up a napkin too! This tasty treat is made with grilled shrimps which are topped with a special jersey sauce and lemon and served in a toasted bread roll with a side of french fries. Each bite will have your taste buds tingling with delight, as it is so flavoursome and fresh you can practically taste the sea.

3. Lebanese - Falafel Sandwich

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No matter what your dietary preferences may be, falafel is something everyone can enjoy. Who knew chickpeas could be so delicious? The Falafel Sandwich served over at Filful is a perfect example of how good Lebanese cuisine is. This luscious lunchtime treat will hit the spot every time as it is made with freshly made falafel, tomato, parsley, mint, turnip, radish and pickles, which make it burst at the seams with flavour. This is absolutely a dish you must try and it will keep you well energised for the day ahead.

4. Mexican - Chicken Ranchera Tacos

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Mexico could easily claim that they have the best street food in the world, as they have bestowed us with some of the most mouth-watering dishes around. The almighty taco can be made to suit everyone's tastes and the Chicken Ranchera Tacos from Chilis are some of the best you'll find in town. They use tender seasoned chicken, which is served over Monterey Jack cheese and topped with freshly sliced avocado queso fresco and pico de gallo. These tacos take taste to another level and they are the perfect food to eat with your hands, so be sure to grab some next time hunger strikes!

Street food is a great way to experience different cuisines and flavours from all around the world and Dubai has so many great places for you to try out. Instead of forking out for an expensive world trip, you can simply sit back and order some of the best world food right to your door.

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