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Best Lebanese Dishes In Dubai

5 of the best Lebanese dishes you can get in Dubai

We all know that Middle Eastern cuisine is something special, but when it comes to Lebanese delights, we're talking about a whole new level of amazing eats. Taking incredibly tender meats, fluffy whole grains and fresh vegetables and turning them into a flavour-packed feast is what Dubai does best. So for traditional Lebanese fare for one or with friends, here's a few of our favourites.

1. Tabbouleh, BouBouffe Lebanese Restaurant

If you're a lover of Middle Eastern cooking, you'll probably be all over this dish. Made up of tomato, parsley, onion and bulgar, it's the well-seasoned salad that doesn't disappoint. We think it's something to do with the lashings of olive oil and lemon that are added in. And over at BouBouffe Lebanese Restaurant, it's picture-perfect and served up with a few crisp lettuce leaves to freshen up the taste.

Where: BouBouffe Lebanese Restaurant, Downtown

2. Hala Grilled Platter, Hala Lebanese Organic

One of the best things about Levantine cuisine is the killer cuts of meat. Marinated and super slow cooked, they're always succulent, and take on the zingy flavour medleys of the marinade perfectly. We just couldn't take about Lebanese cuisine with mentioning a huge meat platter. And Hala Lebanese Organic's signature Hala Grilled Platter is a real work of art. With juicy kafta, organic tawook chicken and luscious lamb chops, it's a flavour overload on a plate.

Where: Hala Lebanese Organic, World Trade Center

3. Chicken Shawarma Platter, Kris Kros Lebanon

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Another staple of Lebanese cuisine? The Shawarma. Chunks of chicken are slow cooked on skewers to create mouthwateringly juicy little delights. Stuffed inside a warm doughy home, this Levantine staple is healthy and comforting all at once. Kris Kros Lebanon take that to a whole new level with their Chicken Shawarma Platter, the cultural classic is teamed with punchy pickles, grilled veggies and crispy fries.

Where: Kris Kros Lebanon, Sheikh Zayed Road

4. Arayes Kafta, Filful

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And then there's the sensational spread known as Arayes Kafta. Tasty and tender chunks of kafta are teamed up with doughy pitas to create the dish that dreams were made of. At Filful, this culinary combination is fit for a feast or a hearty helping for yourself. Served with a tomato on the side and a smooth hummus dip, a dish for dunking never looked so good.

Where: Filful, Al Wasl

5. Baklava, Mastihashop

Just because Lebanese cuisine is all about those meat, grain and vegetable combinations, it doesn't mean dessert isn't done like a pro. And we just had to include something sweet – there's just always room for dessert. Topping the charts for us is the classic baklava, a sweet layered delight brought together with nuts and honey. And at Mastihashop, they serve it up with your choice of ice-cream, for a really indulgent treat.

Where: Mastihashop, Al Badaa

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