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  2. Top Five Places for a Taste of Lebanon in Abu Dhabi
Top Five Places for a Taste of Lebanon in Abu Dhabi

Top Five Places for a Taste of Lebanon in Abu Dhabi

Lebanese is rapidly becoming a must-try cuisine across the world, with new restaurants being established in many cities. Abu Dhabi is no exception and whether you are after the classic dishes or some Lebanese-inspired fusion food, you can definitely find it in the modern, culture-filled city. It's time to see which restaurants are the best of the best when it comes to Lebanese cuisine in Abu Dhabi. What's more, you can have all of these treats delivered to you by our drivers.

1.Tarbouche Al-Basha

Coming to you from the heart of the iconic World Trade Center, Tarbouche serves up dishes from Lebanese cooking. Start off your day with the aptly named Lebanese Breakfast, or try some Arayes, which is a traditional Lebanese dish comprising of pita bread stuffed with meat. A good way to introduce yourself to some of the staples of Lebanese food, from zataar to hummus.

2.Kababji Grill

Kababji is now a popular chain of Lebanese grill restaurants, and those of you living on Al Maryah Island are in for a treat, as so far this is the only branch in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant specializes in kebabs and mixed grills, as well as offering favorites such as tabbouleh and fattoush. For more refreshment, you can choose from one of the fruit juices on the menu, like watermelon and mango. This one is not to be missed.

3.Liwan Mansour Restaurant and Grill

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There are now two of the newly-named Liwan Mansour restaurants in Abu Dhabi, one in the Al Khalidiya region and the other in Mohammed Bin Zayed City. Serving the best of Lebanese cuisine, ordering from these guys will see you feasting on some Warag Enab, Kebbah and Fatat in no time. Liwan Mansour also has an extensive Shawarma menu - if you are unfamiliar with this term, it refers to the way meat is roasted on a spit. Ideal for anyone seeking classic Lebanese flavors.

4.Man'oushe Street

With two locations in Abu Dhabi, Man'oushe Street is bringing Lebanese fast food to your doorstep. Known for its namesake Lebanese pizza bread, the eatery serves up a variety of flavor combinations on the traditional dough base. You can also find other Lebanese delicacies on the menu like Labeh and Burek, and if you like desserts, look no further as Man'oushe Street have Knafeh as a sweet treat.


Back over to Al Maryah where we find Lebanese cuisine from the luxurious Sambusek restaurant which is part of the Rosewood hotel. The food here speaks elegance, yet the menu still maintains a traditional Lebanese style. Baba Ghanous, Shish Taouk and of course Sambusek are available. If you are looking to impress a group of people, you can go all out with the business lunch deal which includes everything from mezze to arayes.

It is hard to pick just one Lebanese restaurant in Abu Dhabi to be the best. Depending on what kind of food experience you prefer, from fast food to fine dining, Deliveroo has got you covered. It's time to sit back, relax and have some delicious Lebanese cuisine delivered straight to you from Abu Dhabi's best Lebanese establishments.

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