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Orange is the new super ingredient for desserts in Dubai

If you want the best of the zest, try these orange desserts

What is it about orange that makes it such a brilliant ingredient for all kinds of desserts? Maybe it's because it goes so well with other citrus flavours like lemon and lime or possibly because it has an intense sweetness all of its own. It's also the perfect partner to chocolate and bitter dark chocolate in particular. This is why you'll find it popping up on so many restaurants' dessert menus and featuring in all kinds of cuisines. So make sure to try at least one of these fantastic orangey treats today  - we're sure you'll find every single one of them a-peeling!

1. Orangettes Box - La Cure Gourmande

Perfect for pudding or even better to keep by your side as you settle down on the sofa for a movie night. The Orangettes Box comes filled with little masterpieces that show off all of the skills of those renowned chocolatiers at La Cure Gourmande. Order yours and savour the exquisite candied orange that has been encased in smooth, dark chocolate to create an altogether more sophisticated treat. They're so rich that just one or two will do. But, then again, they're so delicious that soon they'll all be gone!

2. Oranges And Lemons Victoria Sponge - The Victorian  

"Oranges and lemons say the bells of St Clement's" the nursery rhyme goes and this is certainly a dessert that'll ring your bell too. Following a traditional recipe, the kitchen at The Victorian make the lightest and airiest of sponges and flavour it with the citrus essences of both orange and lemon. The result is a delicately-flavoured delight that also has a cream filling, which means that you're always going to feel tempted to enjoy just another little slice.

3. Orange Polenta Cake With Saffron And Orange - Sesame

You can taste the sunshine in this exquisite cake that's brought to you by Sesame. That's because it's filled with the flavours of Italy all absorbed into the soft and yielding polenta. This makes the perfect medium in which the almonds, orange essence and honey can combine in a symphony of sweetness. Then, it's finished with a generous drizzle of labneh. This slightly sour yogurt adds a more savoury note that's in beautiful contrast to the many other flavours of the cake.

4. Chocolate Orange Brioche - More Café

The perfect brioche is a light and buttery bread that tears into the softest of strands of sweet and yeasty deliciousness. At More Café, they've taken things a little further still by adding orange essence and chocolate to their brioche dough. When it's baked, the chocolate melts and seeps into the bread infusing it with flavour. The orange adds an even sweeter note and together they create a bread that's just as perfect for an indulgent breakfast in bed as it is for a dessert that would be the high point of any meal.

Which of these superb orange desserts are you going to pick? Just let Deliveroo know and we'll deliver.

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