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What’s the Perfect Pancake Topping? Here is Our Selection of the Greatest Garnishes from Restaurants in Dubai

What’s the perfect pancake topping? Here are our greatest garnishes

One of the most iconic American dishes is a huge plate of pancakes topped with all sorts of joyous delights. This versatile and simple to cook dish can be enjoyed savoury or sweet, and there is absolutely no limit as to what you can garnish them with. The great thing about pancakes is, they allow you to get creative, and it is impossible to do something wrong. For people living in Dubai and craving this diner classic, there are plenty of restaurants who serve up seriously sumptuous stacks. Here we take you through some of our favourites, and of course, they can all be ordered to your house with Deliveroo.

1. Banana Walnut Pancakes

Pancakes are arguably best at breakfast time, and while Dubai is home to some amazing morning eating spots, sometimes you just can't beat the fluffy American classics. Banana pancakes are so popular that there have even been songs written about them. But have you tried combining the sweetness of the yellow fruit with the wholesome nuttiness of walnuts? This awesome partnership can be found at Eggspectation, where the pancakes are finished with a drizzling of pure Canadian maple syrup.

2. Oats and Egg Whites Pancakes

Oats and egg whites may sound like they belong on separate dishes, but they make for a delightfully delicious duo in this twist on the traditional pancake. HEAT Café serves up two pancakes made with egg whites only, and topped with healthy breakfast oats. Customers can choose to finish them off with maple syrup or honey, and we are torn as to which is best. You decide!

3. Stacked Pancakes

Perhaps the definitive way to enjoy pancakes is in a huge stack. And eating them in this manner will certainly bring back memories of childhood and home. The stacked banana pancakes at One Life Kitchen and Café are gluten and dairy-free, and come topped with all kinds of raspberries, fresh mint, blueberries, almond flakes, and are served with a raw maple syrup. Absolute heaven.

4. Cottage Cheese Pancakes

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Cheese on a pancake may sound like a combination that doesn't work, but hear us out here. Cottage cheese served with strawberry jam and sour cream and then splattered all over light and fluffy pancakes is a winning breakfast formula. This rich and indulgent treat can be found at L'ETO Caffe, where there are also other exceptional options to put on your pancakes, such as Nutella, and buckwheat and berries.

5. American Blueberry Pancakes

Does it get any fresher than pancakes covered in delicious blueberries? This healthy breakfast dish will surely fill you with American pride and whisk you back to the motherland. At Puff Baker Café in the Golden Mile area, they like to keep their pancakes simple, and one of the most popular dishes on the menu is the three American-style pancakes topped with fresh blueberries. There are plenty of other amazing breakfast options on the menu as well, which could keep you going for days. The Mediterranean breakfast, in particular, is worth checking out.

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