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  2. The best roasts aren't just for Sundays - enjoy roast beef with every meal!
Want the Best Roasts in Dubai? Here's What We've Got

The best roasts aren't just for Sundays - enjoy roast beef with every meal!

Roast beef is a key component in a number of cuisines, from American right through to British. However, it doesn't need to be served on its own - in fact, its versatility is the beauty of it. If you're a true meat lover, roast beef can go with just about anything. Sandwiches, wraps, burgers - you name it - the best roasts are creative, delicious and - of course - roasted to perfection. Just as chicken has a number of ways to shine, beef has its fair share of moments in the sun - or should that be oven? We've compiled a list of just a few of them right here.

1. The Classic Sunday Dinner

The choices are endless at Reddy Roast, with meats to choose from including beef, lamb and chicken. With the Aussie Beef Roast there are no frills - each offering is dished up on a plate in a simple way - but there sure are trimmings. It comes served with the traditional extras and, although it's Aussie, this beast has got a distinctly British edge. Fluffy Yorkshire puddings are an absolute classic part of what's lovingly referred to as a "Sunday Dinner" and enjoyed in homes across the UK at the end of every week. The trend has spread to Australia and now to Dubai, but you can enjoy it any day that you like.

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2. Fully-Loaded Sandwiches

Beef may be the best ingredient in the Roast Beef Sandwich from Scotta, but it's not the only one. They call these babies "fully-loaded" for a reason! Alongside your slice of all things nice, you get cheese, lettuce and onions as well as the sharp tang of gherkins and mayo. There are so many flavours packed into this that you'll never want the experience to end. And don't worry, thanks to its size that won't be for a while! This is a perfect choice if you're looking for a super-hearty lunch to keep you going.

3. Gourmet Burgers

Freshness is our favourite thing about Chef Express and their burgers, but flavour comes along and places a close second. The Roast Beef Burger offers a rather more refined alternative to the ground beef variety that you probably already know and love. As always, beef is the star of the show - but this burger has a fabulous supporting cast! Grilled mushroom, cheese and home-made BBQ ranch take this beauty forward to centre stage.

4. Yorkshire Pudding Wrap

Whoever thought of this exquisite creation at Smith's deserves a medal. If roast beef and a Yorkshire pudding on your plate just isn't cutting it anymore, get a Roast Beef & Yorkie Wrap from Smith's and you won't have to cut it at all. The tender roast beef is wrapped up in a crisp Yorkshire pudding, which takes the place of bread in a far-from-ordinary wrap. You can even have gravy. Roast just doesn't get better than this.

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