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4 of the most mouth watering waffles in Dubai

4 yummy waffles that make an awfully good Saturday brunch

When the weekend comes around and you have a bit more time to yourself there's nothing nicer than a chilled-out brunch. It's a time to kick back, indulge yourself a little and enjoy some tasty delights from one of Dubai's many breakfast takeaways knowing you don't have to rush off to work. Of all the delicious things that you could enjoy few are quite as appealing as yummy waffles. Maybe they're not so special on their own but, just like pancakes, it's the toppings that really bring them to life. So, without further ado, here are four ways that you could snaffle a waffle with a difference.

1. The Fruity Choice

We all need to have plenty of fruit in our diets and there aren't many more delicious ways to go about it than this. They may be called Granny's Waffles but the way they serve this dish has a decidedly contemporary twist. Their Exotic Waffle consists of two of the beauties generously covered with all kinds of fruity delights including pineapple, mango, kiwi and dragon fruit. Then, to make it even more of a brunch-time treat, it also comes with a silky smooth milk chocolate sauce.

2. The Chocoholic's Choice

As you might expect, down at the Choco Lovers Café they celebrate everything to do with the cocoa bean and the products that contain it. So you can enjoy chocolate in everything from shakes to frappés and crepes to waffles. But of all of the latter, it's the Choco Lovers Waffles that offer you the biggest overload of all. They come positively drenched in chocolate sauce with ice cream on the side, as well as a selection of fruits. Among the fresh strawberries, apple, banana and orange, fruitarians really will be in heaven.

3. The Nutty Choice

Here's a tongue-twister for you – "Nut lovers like the Nutella Waffle from Nova." It may be hard to say but it's certainly very easy to eat, and totally delicious too. There's something about the way the hazelnuts and chocolate in the Nutella combine with the waffle that makes the spread even more luscious than when it's on toast or a croissant. Try it and we think you'll agree it really is a perfect marriage of flavours and textures. In fact, nut lovers won't just like it - they may want to marry it themselves.

4. The Indulgent Choice


We've saved the most luxurious until last for you. Get on down to The Hamptons Café for some of their Banana Nut Waffles and prepare to be blown away by this heady combination of super-sweet caramelised bananas, crunchy pecan nuts and luscious maple syrup. They even roast the pecans to intensify the flavour, and boy does it work! So while it might not be quite the brunch you'd want every day of the week, for a Saturday morning treat it couldn't be better.

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