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It’s time you checked out these savoury Gulf Pastry treats

Why savoury Gulf pastry is really on a roll right now

There's nothing like a delicious pastry at any time of day. Yes, they're usually breakfast or teatime treats and often even desserts. But there's been a quiet revolution going on with more and more savoury pastries starting to appear on the menus of not just Lebanese restaurants but many others too. In fact there's really never been such a wide choice of Gulf pastry with exciting new combinations of ingredients and flavours always being devised. So whether you want a lunchtime snack with a difference, a mid-afternoon boost or even a savoury bite to eat in the evening, any of these choices would make for the perfect pastry.

1. Turkey and Camembert Croissant - Paul Bakery

They do a great line in savoury croissants, or "croissants fourrés", down at Paul Bakery but for us this is the best of the lot. It's a rich and creamy start to any day that's also packed with energy. It's one of their authentically French and flaky croissants filled with smoked turkey, melted camembert, sweet caramelised onions and fresh tomato. The ingredients work beautifully together to create a croissant that's sure to become a real favourite from the very first bite. Or, for a more gourmet take on the pastry, remember to check out their avocado, smoked salmon and scrambled egg croissant. It's ace!

2. Matcha Croissant - Rise & Dawn

Here's another way to take the best known French breakfast pastry and turn it into a really unexpected savoury treat. It's simple, you just fill it with delicious matcha cream. If you've never heard of it before, matcha is a particular blend of green tea that's packed with good things like antioxidants called catechins. They're unique to matcha and are said to have lots of health-giving properties. That's all very well but all we know is that, at the hands of Rise & Dawn, it makes for a truly amazing croissant.

3. Chips Oman Donut - Il Donaccino

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Even the donut hasn't escaped the attention of chefs looking for ways to reinvent sweet favourites with a more savoury twist. In fact at Il Donaccino they're experts in the art, as their Chips Oman Donut shows. A light and creamy grated cheese is mixed with crunchy potato chips and just enough chilli flakes are added to provide a spicy flavour. If you really want to ring the changes then they also make a version with pofaki chips instead. Whichever you choose, you'll be impressed.

4. Lebanese Kafta And Cheese Manoushe - Reem Al Bawadi

We defy anyone not to fall head-over-heels in love with this classic of Lebanese cuisine from Reem Al Bawadi. It's served on a traditional pastry with spiced, minced lamb, cheese, chopped parsley and onions along with tomatoes and a creamy mayonnaise too. It's baked to order in the restaurant's authentic brick oven and the result is a savoury treat that's sure to satisfy even the biggest of appetites at any time of day.

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