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Want some juice in your diet? We’ve just the ones for you

Super savoury health boosters for an amazing juice diet

There's some amazing juice on the loose in Dubai right now. So whether you're looking to detox, give your immune system a boost or just want to try out a juice diet we've got the answer right here. In fact, we'd say that Dubai's vegetarian restaurants are going further than ever before to put together amazing combinations of ingredients to help you to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Plus they're equally delicious, at any time of day. So it's always juice o'clock with these four fantastic concoctions.

1. Cucumber Lemon Mint - Juice Paradise

You'll be in heaven when you have your very first sip of this wonder-juice from Juice Paradise. It tastes amazing – the cool cucumber is perfectly balanced by the sharpness of the lemon and the clean taste of the mint – and it's incredibly good for you too. That's because it's absolutely packed with vitamins C and K, essential for clear skin, while mint is a well-known aid to digestion. So it's refreshing, light and helps you glow with health too. What more could you ask for from a super juice?

2. Max Veg - Jugo Juice

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They call it Max Veg and it certainly seems like the guys down at Jugo Juice have left no stone unturned in trying to get as many healthy veggies as possible into the recipe. With beets, carrots, celery, cucumber, spinach and green pepper it's packed with flavour and goodness. And with so many great things in it, there's no wonder that it's such a detox favourite. It's also rich in iron and all kinds of antioxidants so enjoy one of these after a good long session in the gym to feel absolutely amazing.

3. Green Juice - Baker & Spice

If you're looking for an alternative to the usual breakfast smoothie then here's the perfect choice. Following their philosophy of only using the freshest organic and local produce, Baker & Spice combine spinach, cucumber, apple and celery to create a drink that's bursting with energy – so you will be too. If you really want to crank up the goodness they also offer it with a kale base instead of the spinach. It might not be quite so popular with Popeye, but it's one that we'll definitely green light any day of the week.

4. Medicinal Green - Juicy Avenue

For our last recommendation, let's take a stroll down Juicy Avenue where the menu is packed with health-giving, life-affirming goodies. But the standout one for us is their Medicinal Green. It's a fabulous blend of celery, lime, cucumber, kale, magnesium, spirulina, green apple and soy protein that tastes so great it's hard to imagine it's doing you so much good. It's filling, simply delicious and perfect in every way. We're no doctors, but we're doing away with the boring old apple and prescribing one of these a day.

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