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4 Next-level Breakfasts in Dubai

Treat yourself - 4 next-level breakfasts in Dubai

Whether you're looking for a particularly calorific pick-me-up after a night on the town, or in serious need of a nutritious shot of protein before a busy day, Dubai leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to ordering breakfast, whatever your lifestyle.

From inventive takes on Middle Eastern classics to gut-busting breakfast burritos, it seems this city is on a mission to make sure you start off your day in a way that makes you feel like the special person you really are. Here's our run-down on the best next-level breakfasts in Dubai, and where to find them.

1. Breakfast Burrito from Shakespeare and Co.

Shakespeare and Co. may not be the first place that springs to mind when you're craving this indulgent Tex-Mex classic, given its focus on European elegance. However, if you're ever feeling something that's just as comforting as you'd expect and a great way to soak up last night's booze, then their breakfast burrito is the place to go. Their hefty wrap is filled to the brim with avocado, pepperoni, chilli, guac, peppers, cheddar cheese and of course their beef-bacon breakfast potatoes. What's not to like?

2. Green Shakshouka from Baker and Spice

If you're more in the mood for a little Arabic flavour then your first port of call should always be Shakshouka, a hearty dish or poached eggs on a sizzling bed of chilli peppers, tomatoes and cumin, which originated in Tunisia and is how much of the Middle East likes to start their mornings. For the same classic experience with a decadent twist, try the Green Shakshouka from Baker and Spice. Their fully-loaded dish comes bursting with melted onion salsa and fresh kousa, alongside fresh spinach, dried chilli flakes and turmeric, topped off with four fresh eggs and plenty of soft French farmhouse bread. Great for sharing with a buddy.

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3. Seriously Super Cereal Bowl from Pantry Café

Not a lot of people would think to get cereal delivered to their doorstep, but this isn't your average bowl of crispy flakes either. Pantry Café's Seriously Super Cereal Bowl lives up to its name and then some, being more of a surprisingly tasty and super-healthy vitamin bowl for those peaceful mornings when you're feeling a positive start. It consists of chia porridge that has been soaked overnight to give it that perfectly dense, creamy texture, and is topped out with fresh dates, coconut milk, flax seeds, peanut butter, a cornucopia of fresh fruit, and some divinely decadent Valrhona dark chocolate.

4. Baked Halloumi in the Pan from Man'oushe Street

Keeping it simple and fun at Man'oushe Street, a Lebanese joint which serves breakfast all day long, we have their delightfully named "Baked Halloumi in the Pan". Which consists of, you guessed it, a whole pan-load of silky, salty halloumi adorned with a tangy Za'atar seasoning. This is a special treat for those looking to just lie in bed and graze on some cheese, definitely a one for those who appreciate the simple things in life.

Luckily, you and your friends can enjoy these off-the-chain breakfasts without having to leave the comfort of your bed by ordering from Deliveroo!

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