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  2. The best steak in Dubai is staring you right in the (rib)eye!
The best steaks in Dubai from fillet to rib eye

The best steak in Dubai is staring you right in the (rib)eye!

Whether it's a treat meal or a cheat meal, many people's minds wander straight to steak. Sure, it's not for the vegetarians among us but carnivores adore its succulent taste. Steak has long been a favourite in American cuisine, from the cattle ranches of Texas to plates across the likes of Chicago, Nashville and New York. Now it's even available from American takeaways – yes, even right here across the globe in Dubai.

Steak has really upped its game in recent years and it's now not only about the quality but the quantity as well. Whether you're looking for something extra special for a romantic date or you want to chow down on some meat on the bone, often the answer to what you're looking for is in the cut. Here's our guide to some of the best steak in Dubai and the cuts that bring them their fame.

1. Butcha – Tenderloin

At Butcha Steakhouse & Grill, nothing is done by half measures. That's why they're incredibly popular. The Tenderloin weighs 220g and is among the most in-demand items on the menu. It's cut from the loin of the cow – as are many other kinds of steak – desired for its tenderness as opposed to its flavour (although the way that Butcha cook it, you'd never know). Choose from an array of delicious sides to go with it, from mashed potatoes to mac & cheese.

2. Couqley – Steak Tartare

How do you like your steak? Well done? Medium? Not cooked at all? Well if you're the latter then Couqley is the answer to all of your prayers. We've gone a little off the American-themed piste for this one, but their steak tartare is justification enough. Prepared the traditional French way, this daring delight relies on the steak to be minced and completely raw. The flavour this allows for is out of this world and Couqley prepare it lovingly, with their Chef Alexis signature seasoning. Served with a healthy helping of salad and pommes frites, this is the real French deal.

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3. Scotta – Rib Eye

You absolutely cannot beat the good marbling from a rib eye steak. Sure, there's a little more fat... but that's where you get your flavour. At Scotta, the Rib Eye is grilled to utter perfection (AKA just how you like it) and even comes with a helping of rosemary potatoes, veggies and peppercorn sauce. So many tastes on one plate, and yet – they work!

4. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse – Petite Filet

With no fat at all, the Petite Filet is incredible – think melt-in-your-mouth goodness. If that seems a bit of a cliche just wait until you try it from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It's so soft and will go perfectly with herb and garlic mushrooms from the side dish menu. Our tip? Don't have them overcook it. It's recommended to be eaten medium rare. Many people think the fillet is the best kind of cut, so you could say we've saved the best 'til last.

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