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  2. Get right on the globe-trotting trend with some of the best pizza in Dubai
Let the Best Pizza in Dubai Take You All Around the World

Get right on the globe-trotting trend with some of the best pizza in Dubai

You thought all the best pizzas were Italian, right? Well, while they may have had their origins in Naples they've come a long way since then and now there are pizza takeaways in Dubai that are ready to transport you right around the world. In fact nothing seems too exotic anymore, as these four delicious examples are going to show you. So dig out your passport, pop on your shades and get ready for a whistle-stop tour of the world with some of the best pizza in Dubai.

1. The Korean - Pizza Station

First stop is at the very appropriately named Pizza Station where they're going to bring you their version of real Seoul food. The Korean is their homage to the pizza's namesake country and features prawns, pineapple, Korean and tomato sauces as well as, naturally, plenty of pickled kimchi. Depending on the sort of pizza you like there's the option of a crispy thin crust or deep pan and there's a choice of dipping sauces too. One thing's for sure, though: you'll never have tasted another pizza quite like it before!

2. Mexicana Pizza - Sheikh & Shake

Next, let's head down Mexico way, where Sheikh & Shake have a very spicy treat in store for us with their Mexicana Pizza. And it's not just spicy, it's meaty too - so we're afraid that if you're looking for a veggie pizza you'll have to travel elsewhere. That's because there's beef bacon as well as ground beef, not to mention jalapenos, red and green peppers and onions. There are also two different cheeses, mozzarella and asiago, with the choice of a 9" base if you're hungry or a 13" base if you're absolutely ravenous.

3. Tandoori Chicken - NKD Pizza

Did you know that at NKD Pizza they make their dough using no less than ten different grains to create a crust that's totally unique? That's interesting, but not as interesting as what is piled onto the base of their Tandoori Chicken Pizza. Naturally, there's the delicately spiced and chargrilled chicken but there are also cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, chili, onions and tandoori sauce. There's only one way to describe it: hot stuff!

4. Pie Slama Jama - Greek Tony's Pizza

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Of course, you might want to go all around the world on just one pizza and that's why we couldn't ignore this offering from Greek Tony's Pizza. So let's start in Greece with black and green olives. Moving across to Italy there are three layers of mozzarella, Italian sausage, capicola and salami. And, to introduce a Mexican touch, some jalapenos are popped on for good measure. Then there are all the other toppings including peppers, onions, smoked turkey ham and ground beef. So order one today and you'll be in for quite an adventure.

You can take a trip round the world with these amazing pizzas and the journey starts with a delivery by Deliveroo.

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