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Why Belgian Chocolate Biscuits Just Aren’t For Dipping

Why it’s not hip to dip Belgian chocolate biscuits in your tea

In a nutshell,  it's because tea dipping is a uniquely British phenomenon, as is the ritual of enjoying a nice cuppa in the middle of the afternoon. Dunking works best with biscuits that are robust enough to deal with the dip, without disintegrating into the drink. So it's best to use a more British type of biccy, like a digestive or a ginger nut - delicate Belgian chocolate biscuits might not be up to the task. But because traditional British biscuits are quite hard to come by in Dubai, we've searched the menus of many of the area's best dessert takeaways and found four alternatives, grading each one's "dipability" out of five. We hope you enjoy the dunking.

1. Toffee Filled Biscuits, Dipability Factor 3/5

The Toffee Filled Biscuits from La Cure Gourmande score a very respectable three on the scale as they'll hold their own in all but the very hottest tea. They also come filled with toffee which will become slightly molten when immersed in a brew - this can only be a good thing. But if you're not a big toffee fan and are looking for a good alternative to use, then the Apple And Cinnamon Filled Biscuits make a decent second choice.

2. Sea Salt Caramel Cookies, Dipability Factor 5/5


You might think of the biscuits from the famously exquisite Magnolia Bakery as too refined to stand up to the ultimate test, but you'd be mistaken. The stars of the show today are their Sea Salt Caramel Cookies and they're the perfect choice. Their combination of salty sweetness along with the genuinely crunchy texture typical of cookies means they work in every way. Nearly as good, but without the salted caramel flavour, are their Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

3. Monique Macarons, Dipability Factor 1/5

Shakespeare and Co. may offer an amazing range of international cuisine, but when it comes to dunkable biscuits they've a long way to go. Their Monique Macarons are beautifully-made, delicate taste sensations, but take them anywhere near a hot cup of tea and they're liable to fall apart on the spot. They also offer some of the finest chocolate treats in Dubai - but, again, not ideal for dipping. Safe to say these magnificent meringues are best-enjoyed tea-less.

4. Monkey Mix, Dipability Factor 4/5

A very worthy runner-up to Magnolia Bakery's cookies in the dipability stakes comes from Monkey Cookies. Freshly baked to their own special recipe, the Monkey Mix offers a whole lot of different biscuits to experiment with, including ones with choc chips and others with actual squares of chocolate on the top. Obviously, the latter aren't ideal for dipping in hot tea but the choc chip ones will retain a satisfying crunch as well as soaking up some tea in the process. If the whole Monkey Mix had been this good they would have scored a five!

Now it's time to start your own biscuit dipability competition - and Deliveroo will bring you the contestants.

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