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  2. When you’re looking for ramen in Dubai, they don’t always have to come in broth
Not all ramen noodles are found in broth in Dubai

When you’re looking for ramen in Dubai, they don’t always have to come in broth

There's lots to love about ramen and that exactly why they're such a favourite with so many people. Tasty, nourishing and quick and easy to eat, you'll find they're on the menu at pretty much every Japanese restaurant in Dubai. But the big news is that more and more dishes are being created that use the tasty noodles in new and exciting ways. That's because chefs are really starting to push the boundaries in the way they cook them and the other ingredients with which they combine them. But, traditionalists, don't worry: there are still plenty of the classic versions out there too as you'll see from our four selections.

1. Ramen Burger - Mizu

How, you might well wonder, is this offering from Mizu going to work? Noodles on top? Served on the side in place of fries? Well it's a trick that they also use with their famous Rice Burger but in this case they char-grill the noodles and mould them into the shape of the burger bun. To complete the experience they add tomato, lettuce, onions and deliciously melted cheddar cheese along with their special Mizu sauce. You'd better believe us when we tell you it's quite a handful!

2. Caramelised Beef Ramen - The Noodle House

This is a must if you want to savour one of the most delicious beef dishes that you'll find in Dubai. It's a tantalising combination of the most tender and juicy grilled beef that's caramelised and served with traditional ban mien noodles, lightly curried carrots, egg spiced with togarashi and grilled shiitake mushrooms. It's a really inventive combination of all these ingredients by The Noodle House so it's no wonder that it's one of their top picks. Try it and we promise it'll soon be one of your favourites too.

3. Jigoku Miso Beef Ramen - Yatai

Japanese street food specialists Yatai bring you their own special take on the classic ramen bowl. Again, it has tender Chashu beef to pack in the protein along with a lightly boiled egg, Japanese green onions and noodles in a light miso broth. They're simple ingredients freshly prepared with care to let all the flavours of this nourishing bowlful to really sing out. And if you'd prefer an alternative to beef their grilled chicken version of the dish is an equally delicious treat.

4. Asian Noodle Bowl - Arrows & Sparrows Café

They've scored a bullseye with this one from Arrows & Sparrows Café and it would be hard to find a bowl more packed with goodness than this. Along with the noodles there are edamame beans, red peppers, broccoli, carrots and spring onions all scattered with sesame seeds. Plus they also add their own special sauce with ginger and hon dashi to create a real vegetarian feast for noodle lovers everywhere.

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