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4 of the best vegan and veggie burger joints in Dubai

Fancy a vegan or veggie burger in Dubai? Here’s where you should visit

Veganism is one of the fastest growing food trends around, having jumped in popularity by 350 percent in the last decade alone. You'd think almost everywhere would cater to the ever-increasing number of herbivores, but for vegans and vegetarians, finding somewhere that serves delicious food can still be a challenge a times.

Even that staple part of your dining-out diet - the veggie burger - isn't available everywhere, and - let's be honest - it's a creation made with varying degrees of success. But never fear, because that's where we come in. We've done the hard part for you, tracking down the best places to grab a vegan veggie burger in Dubai. We've sorted the most impressive eating experiences from the ones that fail to impress, so take a look at the list below to see exactly where to go.

1. Burger Joint New York for a Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger

The traditional veggie patty can be a true treat for the taste buds, but eating different takes on the same delicacy over and over again can eventually become a little tiresome. That's why the Burger Joint New York's Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger is at the very top of our list. Offering a unique and undeniably delicious eating experience for vegetarians who fancy something new, this gourmet bite combines grilled Portobello mushroom with plenty of toppings to make a truly tantalising concoction.

2. Burger Fuel for a V Dub Vege

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For those with a super-sized appetite and plenty of space to spare, the V Dub Vege from Burger Fuel should be your go-to option. Made from brown rice, faro and chopped vegetables, this mouth-watering mega burger is stacked to the ceiling (well almost, anyway) with tomatoes, onions, and cheese. A true treat for the taste buds, it's a vegan option that is tearing up the myth that vegan food isn't filling. And did we mention just how delicious it is?

3. Hippy Deli for the Best Ever Beet Burger

It's hard enough to find somewhere suitable to eat when you're vegetarian, but being vegan adds an extra layer of complexity to the conundrum. If you don't want something that's been made for veggies and simply adapted for you, then this next burger might be of interest: Hippy Deli's Best Ever Beet Burger. Made from cannellini beans, roasted beetroot patty, sautéed kale and caramelised carrot and onions, this gorgeous burger is 100 percent plant-based, gluten-free and finished with a tasty dose of tahini lime sauce.          

4. Life 'n One Café for a Vurger

Located in the heart of Jumeirah, Life 'n One Café is another eatery that's committed to meeting your vegan needs. Famed city-wide for its amazing Vurgers – which are all plant-based and homemade – its one-of-a-kind offerings are juicy, flavoursome, and made even easier to appreciate by the zen surroundings and the amazing smoothies that wash them down in just the right way.  

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