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  2. If Dubai Isn't Hot Enough Already: The Best Vegetarian Curries
If Dubai Isn't Hot Enough Already: The Best Vegetarian Curries

If Dubai Isn't Hot Enough Already: The Best Vegetarian Curries

India is a predominantly vegetarian country; however, as their cuisine has been exported all over the world, it has been translated into meat-laden dishes. Fortunately, with the health food revolution and the rise in popularity of vegetarianism, there is a big demand for authentic vegetable based dishes - and where better to look than a curry? Dubai is lucky enough to have borrowed culinary influences from all over the world and, whilst most people usually look to India when they fancy a curry, the world is resplendent with examples of the dish. Delicate Thai curries also make great vegetarian dishes when paired with delicious hearty vegetables and authentic spices. 

Biryani Street - Al Safa 

If it is choice that you would like, Biryani Street provides. As a newer addition to the Dubai food scene, Biryani Street is by no means overshadowed. The Indian style curry restaurant boasts around 12 vegetable curries and some paneer choices so there's something at Biryani Street for even the pickiest eater.

Mint Leaf - Jumeirah Harbour

Like Biryani Street, Mint Leaf has a great selection of vegetarian curries. Try the Subz Handi, a mix of seasonal vegetables, spinach and cream with cashew nut gravy for a creamy curry or, if you prefer something a little less rich, the Bindhi Masala blends fresh Okra with onions and garam masala. Mint Leaf is located in the Jumeirah Harbour and an outside table will leave you with stunning views of the skyline.

Fuchsia Urban Thai 

Thai Curry uses much softer spices than its Indian counterpart but that doesn't mean to say that it lacks a punch. Made with baby eggplant and hot basil, the Thai Red Curry from Fuchsia Urban Thai is as bright as it is spicy. If you fancy something that feels nourishing too, try pairing it with brown rice and a refreshing mango cooler. If you're still peckish, why not try Hazelnut Chocolate Spring Rolls - think oozy chocolate and crispy spring roll coating. It's not as unhealthy as it might sound either; chocolate can be a great way to speed up your metabolism. Yeah, we're hungry, too. 

Rhong Tiam - Jumeirah

Situated in Jumeirah, Rhong Tiam specialises in healthy Thai food. All of their curries can be customised to make them vegetarian and, alongside their green and red curries (which are made using gluten free coconut cream), they also have a Massaman curry. The Massaman curry is a sweet and salty mixture of coconut cream, onions, potatoes and peanuts, and the rich, relatively mild flavour is sure to satisfy all of your cravings. 

25 Degrees North - Barsha Heights

With their name taken from Dubai's latitude position on the earth, 25 Degrees North's influences come from beyond the Emirates. Their cuisine is taken from North Indian street food and has been refined for a UAE dining experience. The Dum Aloo at 25 Degrees North is made using traditional methods. This simple yet coveted Kashmiri curry is made from baby potatoes cooked under a slow burning fire, which ensures the flavours are intensified and enhanced.

This is just a small portion of the many outlets serving delicious vegetarian curry in Dubai why not order your favourite on Deliveroo.

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