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Best Vegetarian Dishes For A Meat Free Monday

4 of the best vegetarian dishes for meat free Monday

If you're a lover of all things meaty, you might find the concept of a meat free Monday difficult to get behind, but there's a whole new world of veggie packed goodies out there. Trust us. From zingy superfood salads to quinoa burgers, you're sure to find something new to love. So when green Monday comes around, here's a few places to check out first.

1. Mediterranean Breakfast Box, Urban Bites

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you start your meat free Monday right. Thankfully Urban bites has your back. It's their Mediterranean breakfast box that's the winner, filled with four soft mini baguettes, fluffy scrambled eggs, tasty olives and tomatoes, a generous helping of halloumi cheese and a variety of zaatar and labneh to pick and dip into. But if you prefer to start your day off on a sugar high, you can always opt for the fruit laden pancakes.

Where: Urban Bites, Abu Dhabi

2. Chandani Malai Kofta, Kababs and Kurries

Combining the best of Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, the guys here offer up all sorts of goodies. We love their Chandani Malai Kofta, where cottage cheese dumpling are simmered in a gravy flavoured with dry mango and garam masala. This delight will really satisfy your hungry soul, and give you the richness of Indian flavours without the meat. Where: Kababs & Kurries, two locations in Abu Dhabi.

3. Pad Thai Noodles, The Raw Place

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The secret to this place is in the name – they specialise in all things raw. If you're new to the raw food movement, nothing is pasteurised or processed – it's believed that food is best in its original glory as it still has all the live enzymes and nutrients that cooking can remove.

Ease yourself into the world of raw eats with their Pad Thai Noodles, where rice noodles are tossed with all sorts of vegetables – including spinach, bell peppers, almonds and mushrooms – and topped off with a punchy kick of red chilli and cayenne pepper.

Where: The Raw Place, various locations

4. Mediterranean Farro Salad, Café Bateel

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Now for a salad you can really sink your teeth into, the Mediterranean Farro Salad. Here you'll find cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled onions, marinated feta tossed with Ligurian olives, farro grains, baby spinach, radish, chickpeas and oregano, brought together with a refreshing lemon dressing. If you want a extra dose of nutrients, get a shake on the side – we love the Date Affogata, made up with a blend of artisan vanilla ice cream, milk, Rhutab dates and a dash of espresso.

Where: Café Bateel, various locations

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