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Why You Need to Try Brazilian Food ASAP

Why You Need to Try Brazilian Food ASAP

Sure, we love our Italian food, and Indian is an absolute staple. But there's so much more out there!

Brazilian food is arguably one of the boldest, most diverse cuisines in the world, with many dishes varying from region to region. This is great news for food fans and nutrition newbies alike, as there are literally hundreds of different flavour combinations and hearty meals to try.

Here we've found some of the best Brazilian dishes in the UAE for you to try.

1.Chicken Coxinha, Brazilian Roast Café

As more of a café than a restaurant, Brazilian Roast offers its Dubai Mall customers a wide variety of light lunch bites as well as hearty meals. Once you've scanned the vast array of coffees on offer, we suggest going for the world famous Brazilian style chicken dumplings. The authentic Brazilian café also offers a wide range of acai treats – the banana and strawberries mix comes highly recommended – as well as salgados, croquettes and many other handmade treats. Each and every meal is created with love, precision and passion so you can guarantee a lovely meal no matter what you order.

Where: Brazilian Roast Café, Dubai

2.The Original Acai, The Acai Spot

For the health conscious, adventurous eaters out there The Acai Spot is the best place to be. Each recipe is built around the Brazilian acai berry – an inch-long purple berry packed with antioxidants from the acai palm – which are all grown in the Amazon rainforest. At The Acai Spot you'll find smoothies, juices, frappes, hot drinks and more to pair with handcrafted acai bowls, acai fruit mixes and numerous other snacks. The Original Acai is a definite must-have, as the basic banana and granola mix can be paired with almost any of the extra toppings on offer. These include pineapple, coconut, seeds and almonds.

Where: The Acai Spot, Dubai

3.Cheese Buns, Shawarma Time

At Shawarma Time, the chefs specialise in Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, but there are a few surprise Brazilian dishes available on the menu too. While many visitors try the traditional shawarma snacks made with popular Brazilian kibe, you can also start with the famous Brazilian cheese buns. They are freshly baked in just 15 minutes to ensure they melt in your mouth. You can pair your meal with traditional Brazilian Guarana for the true experience.

Where: Shawarma Time, Abu Dhabi

4.Marinated Chickpeas, Leila

Like, Shawarma Time, Leila focuses most of its energy on creating Lebanese dishes, but it's there that you'll find some of the tastiest chickpea-based meals of all. Of course, chickpeas are a pillar within Brazilian cuisine too and so you absolutely must try them in all forms. If you're a beginner, you'll want to start with the basic marinated chickpeas, which are available from Leila's as both a breakfast and a hot mezze dish. Regardless of what you go for you can guarantee vibrant colours and bold flavors unlike any others.

Where: Leila, Dubai

There are plenty of Brazilian dishes to be found all over the United Arab Emirates – take a look at Deliveroo to find your favourite.

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