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Experience Layers of Flavours with Dubai's Craziest Lasagne Dishes

Experience Layers of Flavours with Dubai's Best Lasagne Dishes

When it comes to Italian dishes, Lasagne is some of the tastiest around. Layers of pasta sheets stuffed with delicious ingredients like cheese and meat is never a bad idea. But not all lasagne needs to be meaty and there are plenty of tasty vegetarian or even vegan options to choose from that are just as delicious as the meaty ones, if not more so. From places like Broccoli Pizza and Pasta to Be Super Natural Kitchen, Dubai has some amazing Italian restaurants that serve fantastic lasagne dishes. Let's look at the best ones you can get your teeth into today.

1. Vegan Lasagne

Finding dishes that cater to the vegan lifestyle isn't always an easy feat, however the guys at Be Super Natural Kitchen have got your back. They serve a vegan rendition of the classic lasagne, packed with so much flavour – worrying about missing out? A thing of the past! This dish substitutes pasta with spirals of beetroot and zucchini, layering them with their 'cheezy' white sauce, chunky sun-dried tomato sauce and marinated cherry tomatoes. Finally, it's all drizzled with aromatic parsley oil. This delicious meal is so good you'll be scraping the plate!

2. Meat Lasagne

Alternatively, keep it classy and traditional with a classic Meat Lasagne. A dish baked to perfection with layer after layer of pasta, meat sauce and cheesy goodness that just oozes with flavour: that's what they're serving up over at Broccoli Pizza and Pasta. It will have your mouth watering as soon as it's served and each bite is an absolute treat to behold. It's perfect for the carnivores out there, so if you just want a bit of meaty goodness with your pasta dish, then this one hits the spot nicely.

3. Lasagne Vegetariana

We've done vegan, we've done meat-eater – what about the middle ground? You don't want the meat but you do love the dairy, so order up the Lasagne Vegetariana from Massimo's Italian Restaurant. This dish incorporates a great range of yummy veggies including zucchini, eggplant, carrot and capsicum and tops it all off with creamy mozzarella. It's homemade meaning you can taste the love that went into preparing this dish and rest assured that it was whipped up freshly, just for you.

4. Mangiamo Wild Mushroom and Truffle Oil Lasagne 

If you're looking for a classy take on a classic meal, look no further than the decadent Mangiamo Wild Mushroom and Truffle Oil Lasagne served over at Lasagne Box. These guys specialise in unique and delicious lasagnes and this one is by far the poshest in town. This lasagne is served with a deliciously creamy sauce with layers of wild mushrooms and truffle oil along with 'secret Italian flavours' to make an incredible dish. Treat yourself to this fancy dish and you'll look at regular lasagne in the same way again!

Lasagne is one of the most delicious Italian dishes around and these unique and tasty takes on the classic oven-baked pasta tray are changing the whole game. Give yourself a real treat and try out these lasagne – you definitely won't regret it!

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