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From Burgers to Ice-cream - 5 Comfort Foods and Why We Want Them

Five of the best comfort foods and why we want to eat them

While you might not want to give into comfort food cravings all the time, there's a lot to be said for having the odd indulgence now and then. We all have our favourites, but there are some comfort foods that pop up time and again. We're talking about those favourite foods we always go back to - pizza, mac 'n' cheese, a big juicy burger, chocolate and ice-cream. Part of the draw of comfort food is the happy memories we associate with different foods. By definition, a comfort food is one that makes you feel supported and reassured so it's no surprise that for a lot of people, comfort food takes them back to their childhood. Which of these dishes ticks your comfort food boxes?

1. Good times pizza

One food we associate with good times is pizza and that's probably why it's a comfort food. Perfectly baked pizza dough is a great vehicle for some great flavour combinations and that gooey, melted mozzarella is the piece de resistance! To enjoy pizza in its simplest and perhaps most delicious form, go for the Bufalina at Rossovivo Artisan Pizza, where the pizza dough rests for 12 hours before being cooked in Campania clay brick ovens.

2. Make mine a burger!

If you've had a busy day at work, do you want grilled fish and salad when you get home? Maybe, but it's more likely that you want to treat yourself to a gourmet burger - and one that scores highly on the comfort scale! For a taste of surf 'n' turf luxury, order the Baby Beast from Burger & Lobster. With a beef burger that's topped with lobster meat, brie and a truffle and tarragon mayo, it's a perfect Venn diagram of comfort food and decadence. Go on - you know you're worth it!

3. Cuddle up with a mac 'n' cheese

At Eggspectation, you can get your hands on three types of mac 'n' cheese. It comes on its own, with bacon or even as Lobster Mac and Cheese. All three have at their heart the same cosy base - penne pasta tossed in a creamy cheese sauce. What you have on top is up to you. To turn up that comfort dial just a little bit further, each comes with garlic crostini.

4. Ice-cream bliss

Of course dessert is on the comfort food list. One of the most indulgent, OTT desserts we all had as a kid was banana split. Recreate those heady heights of childhood with a Banana Split from the Tiramisu Café. Three scoops of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla gelato, sliced banana, chocolate syrup and cream - get a bib on and get stuck in! Or, if banana's not your thing, a plate of their Strawberry and Nutella Tiramisu can be just as nostalgically satisfying.

5. Chocolate – who needs a reason?


Chocolate sits pretty high on most people's comfort food lists and the reason why is simple: it's high in stress-reducing antioxidants and dark chocolate contains anandamide, which blocks feelings of sadness. Magnolia Bakery has plenty of chocolate treats to cheer you up, but our pick is the Devil's Food Chocolate cake!

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