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  2. Chew can’t go wrong with toffee! Here are four fabulous toffee options in Dubai
Attention Toffeeholics! Dubai is just brimming with sweet treats

Chew can’t go wrong with toffee! Here are four fabulous toffee options in Dubai

You can have it in a pudding, drizzled on ice-cream or add it to your morning latte. Yes, we're talking toffee. From toffee apples to banoffee pie, there are countless ways to cook with caramel. Whether it's soft and sticky or sweet and crunchy, toffee and caramel have the power to make any dessert slightly more comforting. It's usual home may be the sweet shop or dessert bar, but many restaurants are creating toffee delights to rival the caramel masters and get any toffee addict's pulse racing. Dubai is fortunate to have some of the most inventive and exciting sugar shops so here's a look at some some of Dubai's best toffee tastes.

1. Toffee Filled Biscuits by La Cure Gourmande

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La Cure Gourmande should be at the top of every toffeeholic's list and their Toffee Filled Biscuits are extremely popular. You can be sensible with just the one or opt for a dozen and take away one of their adorably designed tins. This charmingly vintage hot spot is a little taste of France slap bang in the middle of Dubai, so dive into their array of handmade biscuits, calissons, fudges, caramels, chocolates, lollipops and nougats. With toffee and caramel in this level of abundance, your cravings will not go unsatisfied.

2. Keventers' Banoffee Premium Shake

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In 1925, Edward Keventer, a Swedish dairy technologist established his dairy plant in India. Keventers soon become renowned for selling high-quality dairy products, and gradually the focus of such expertise settled on the milkshake. In 2018, it is home to some of the world's best flavoured milk. It's a hip and ethical sweet stop for anyone thirsty for a proper traditional milkshake. Toffee enthusiasts will love the Banoffee Premium Shake, which - like all of their house shakes - is served in a vintage, recyclable milk bottle.

3. Double Banana and Sticky Toffee French Toast at Fraiche Editions

Fraiche is a French delicacy food laboratory. They are passionate about inventing spectacular jaw-dropping dishes from fresh ingredients, but there's only one dessert pick for toffee fiends. The Double Banana and Sticky Toffee French Toast has drippings of the sweet stuff. The toast is fried with sugar and caramel and then topped with bananas and more toffee sauce. It's mouth-watering, it's a visual a masterpiece, it's a toffee sensation like no other.

4.  Gossip Cafe's Date Toffee Pudding

The Gossip Cafe combines style, fashion and excellent culinary skills  to create dishes that are more a work of art than a meal. Their desserts are no exception. The Date Toffee Pudding is a deeply rich and exciting alternative to the traditional sticky toffee pudding. A warm sticky date pudding is topped with creamy toffee sauce and candied pecans and the whole thing is served with ice cream. It's almost too beautiful to eat - but in the end you won't be able to resist.

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