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Hosting? Get a Platter In - Chilis Mexican Awaits  

Film Night? Snack Time! Chilis Mexican And More Await!

It's time to get your host on – and what better communal cuisine than a plate of spicy Mexican? We're talking nachos, decked out fries and buttered wings from all around Dubai. We're talking tapas like no other to load the table and wow your guests. Share, tear and have seconds at the ready as these dishes will turn your same-old film night all the way up to eleven. Extra hot. Extra large. Extra tasty. Whether you're watching action, romance, thriller or fantasy, be sure that you and your guests do it all on a full and happy stomach. Let's get started!    

1. Southwestern Eggrolls from Chilis

Eggrolls! Southwestern eggrolls to be exact, crafted by the pros down at Chilis Mexican kitchen. One bite of these babies and your mouth will be dealing with a veritable taste explosion: black beans, diced corn, jack cheese and jalapeño are all present and lined up for duty, each making their unmistakable mark upon the tongue. Red peppers bare their crunchy teeth, too, while spinach wilts between the filling for a little natural colour. Scrumptious! These original finger food bites are bound to be the star of any social show.

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2. Nachos Grande by Taqado Mexican kitchen

Cheese on top, chips below and plus sized portions for all. That's the nacho way. If you're in the market for one of the most loved Mexican dishes of all time, simply place your order with Taqados. Their grande servings of nachos come piled, loaded and dripping with cheese. Jalapeño slices provide the slightest kick of heat, while salsa fresca and black beans make up the rest of the topping core. There's even a plate each of guacamole and sour cream on the side, so you can dip, dab and drizzle those chips to your heart's content - as if the original toppings weren't already great!      

3. Fiesta Fries at Chalcos Mexican Grill

The fiesta fries from Chalcos Mexican Grill are all about customisation: mix, match, max out or minimise on toppings, sauces, meats and veg aplenty with this fantastic dish. Begin with only a plate of lonely fries and end up with pulled chicken, mango salsa, guac and grilled onion before you know it! Please your individual guests' taste buds and avoid allergies and picky eater syndrome with ease. A dream come true for both your stress levels and your hungry tum.  

4. Chicken Wings from Muchachas

Wings are a favourite world-over, with flavours, types and varieties beyond count. Fancy a dozen or two for your next open night? Look to Muchachas. Their Mexican take on a simple classic will have you licking your lips and fingers clean. Golden, crunchy, seasoned to perfection. Expect heat, of course, but most of all, expect great taste in every morsel, from the bottom of the box to the very first bite.  

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