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Spicy Asian Noodle Dishes From Chinese Restaurants And Beyond

Love Food With A Kick? These Spicy Asian Dishes Will Do The Trick!

If you want spicy food, you're in luck! Dubai is lucky enough to benefit from a huge range of cultural influences, meaning that you can get basically any kind of food that you could ever want.

Chinese restaurants have always been a popular takeaway option and it's no surprise. There are so many great dishes available, but right now, we're fancying spicy ones the best. Of course, it's not just Chinese cuisine that excels in getting a "kick" into our mouths. Noodles are prepared in a range of different cultures, for example, offering everything from noodles with veggies to spicy beef.

Whether you want Japanese, Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese, we've compiled a list of the best dishes for those who like it hot!

1. Chinese - Wasabi Prawns

This Chinese restaurant specialises in noodles, which you can have basically any kind of way! But that's not all that they do well and The Noodle House chefs have really impressed us with their other dishes on the menu. Check out their incredible Wasabi Prawns. Now, these come with medium spice (AKA chilli), so most people should be able to handle them. Where else do they get their spice, if not just for the chillies? You guessed it! That wasabi sure does have a little something to it. It's served alongside a mango relish, to contrast and sweeten things up a bit.

2. Vietnamese - Spicy Beef Stew

Vietnamese cuisine is known for beef (seriously, have you tried the pho phenomenon?!), but that doesn't mean that's all they have to offer in this respect. Hanoi Vietnamese Kitchen shows just how diverse the use of beef in this kind of cooking can be, with Spicy Beef Stew. Featuring tender beef as well as carrots and potato, the stew sizzles in an aromatic lemongrass spice mix for the sauce.

3. Thai - Golden Fried Tofu

Are you a vegetarian, or just looking for something a little different? Fuschia Urban Thai is listening, and this Golden Fried Tofu has something a bit special up its sleeve. It comes served with a spicy peanut sauce, which is traditional in Thailand. It certainly makes things much more lively and the flavours really do blend... without being bland!

4. Japan - Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl

Japanese food just wouldn't be Japanese food without the addition of a little fish, and PokeArt by SushiArt sure knows it. This Japanese-Poke fusion restaurant gets the blend of spice perfectly nice... but this isn't normal sushi with rice! Poke bowls are known for providing a kind of healthy pick'n'mix, and this one's packed full to the brim of the good stuff. Alongside the spicy tuna, you've also got avocado, vinegar rice, cabbage salad, spicy sauce, chives, masago and coriander - and it all works together perfectly.

No matter whether you like things mild or you prefer to spice them up, Deliveroo has an exciting array of Asian dishes available to you, around the clock.

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