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  2. From WonTon to Foong Loong: 3 restaurants in Dubai with wholesome chinese soups
From WonTon to Foong Loong: 3 Restaurants In Dubai With Wholesome Chinese Soups

From WonTon to Foong Loong: 3 restaurants in Dubai with wholesome chinese soups

Chinese food is incredibly popular all around the world, and Dubai is no exception. Chow mein, fried rice, kung po and plenty of other dishes are all personal favourites for thousands of people, though it is arguably tasty Chinese soups that are the most difficult to find. Here, we've found three restaurants that offer customers Chinese soups.

1. Gypsy Chinese

Really, the name says it all at Gypsy Chinese Restaurant. Each and every dish is created using ingredients and recipes from the furthest corners of China and other areas of Asia, all coming together to create complex flavours and delicious, authentic cuisine. The founders opened up their first restaurant in Mumbai where they became an iconic name on the culinary scene. Now, they have finally arrived in Dubai so that we can try true Chinese dishes.

At Gypsy Chinese Restaurant there are over a dozen different Chinese soups to choose from including vegetarian and carnivore friendly options. Whether you want a nice hot soup to keep out the cold or a hearty broth, they've got it all. There's creamy tofu and mushroom, classic wonton soup and spicy seafood soup alongside numerous other authentic Chinese options. Of course, one cannot eat soup alone, so Gypsy also offer a wide array of spring rolls, the popular of which being the schezwan spring rolls.

Where: Gypsy Chinese Restaurant, Dubai Marina

2. Royal China

Ever since the restaurant opened in 1996, Royal China has never accepted anything less than the very best. All ingredients are fresh, every recipe has roots in traditional Chinese cuisine and even the chefs are of the utmost quality. The head chef is none other than the award-winning Man Yuk Cheung, who leads an incredible team that are dedicated to providing customers with more than a meal, they want to deliver an experience.

Soups are complex and yet simple at the same time at Royal China. There's straw mushroom chicken or prawn wonton soup to choose from, while others may prefer a hot & sour vegetable soup or rainbow bean curd broth with seafood. When it comes to sides and sundries, you'll be hard-pressed to find a Chinese restaurant with more noodle and rice dishes too, so you certainly won't go hungry.

Where: Royal China, DIFC Dubai

3. Wok Twist

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Of course, not everyone is looking for overly fancy Chinese soups, sometimes you just need a quick yet tasty fix to get you through the day. That is precisely what Wok Twist has to offer: swift and delicious food served with haste and taste.

When it comes to variety, Wok Twist has a lot to offer. Talumen soup, loong foong soup and chef twist prawn noodles soup are just some of the soup dishes available Asian restaurant in The Mall at Umm Suqeim. Again, like Royal China there are also plenty of sides including rice and noodles, though there's also an entire section of the menu dedicated entirely to vegetable courses.

Where: Wok Twist, Umm Suqeim

For more places that offer customers authentic Chinese soups and sundries, check out all the other Chinese restaurants that work with Deliveroo.

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